How To Manage Kindle Books

Is there a way to transfer or download kindle books.

I bought a kindle book online that didn’t transfer to my usual kindle account and made a new account online. Is there a way to make this book available on my other devices besides my laptop?

You cannot transfer a Kindle book to a different Amazon account.You CAN send the Kindle book to a different Kindle app or Kindle device that is registered to the SAME Amazon account that bought the ebook.There are two ways -(I will use the word device for both Kindle devices and Kindle apps)1. Every Kindle device registered to your account gets a list of the Amazon Kindle content owned by the account (after you register the device and connect to the net). On some devices you will see the list (or cover pictures) in a Cloud section (either press word Cloud on home page of reader OR look for a menu on the upper left). One some it will be in an “Archived Items” list (usually found in the normal menu of the reader). Click on any of the already-owned Amazon Kindle books listed there to download them to the device.2. OR you can go to Amazon.comPick menu Your AccountPick Manage Content & DevicesThere is a list of all Kindle content owned by the accountFind the already-purchased ebookPick “…” next to the titlePick DeliverChoose any of your account’s registered devicesEXCEPTIONS1. Some Kindle ebooks (mainly huge exact-image e-textbooks) cannot be downloaded to anything smaller than a tablet. These books, on their sales page say “Available only on these devices” and if you hover your mouse over that it lists the computers and tablets there are Kindle reader apps for. Example:…That kind of ebook cannot be sent to 6″ Kindle readers or to phones.2. Some Kindle ebooks (again mainly many e-textbooks) have a publisher restriction on how many devices the book can be on at one time. For many e-textbooks that number is ONE.

How do I transfer books from one Kindle to a second Kindle.

Just bought a second Kindle for my wife. Not sure how to get the books that are already downloaded on my Kindle over to her new Kindle.

Are both Kindles registered to the same account?If so, this is very easy. On the e-Ink Kindles, get to the Home screen, then look for the Archives section. Open that up. All the titles you ever purchased on that account will be listed. Simply click on it and it will ask if you if you want to download to that Kindle.On the flip side, you can log into your account on your computer and choose Manage Kindles. There you will see a list of purchases, and a drop down menu where you can choose what Kindle to download the purchase to. Business books free

How do you share………

Kindle books with other Kindle owners? I added a friends kindle address, but can’t find how to share the book she wants.

Eligible Kindle books can be loaned once for a period of 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Kindle — Kindle books can also be read using our free Kindle reading applications for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. Not all books are lendable — it is up to the publisher or rights holder to determine which titles are eligible for lending. The lender will not be able to read the book during the loan period.You can initiate a loan from Manage Your Kindle or the book’s product detail page on You’ll enter the borrower’s name and e-mail address and an optional notification message. Your recipient can receive the book loan even if they do not yet have a Kindle or Kindle reading application.From Manage Your Kindle:Manage Your Kindle lists all of your Kindle content purchases under the Your Orders section.Click the “+” symbol next to a title to reveal all information and options. If lending is enabled, you’ll see a Loan this book button next to the product image.Click the Loan this book button.You’ll be directed to a form where you’ll provide the borrower’s name, their personal e-mail address and an optional message.Note: Be sure to send your Kindle book loan notification to your borrower’s personal e-mail address, not their e-mail address.From the product detail page of a book you have already purchased:When logged in to your Amazon account and looking at the product detail page of a book you have already purchased, a notification at the top of the page will indicate that you already own the title. If lending for the book is enabled, you’ll see a second notice: “Loan this book to anyone you choose.”Click the Loan this book link.You’ll be directed to a form where you’ll provide the borrower’s name, e-mail address and an optional message (as shown above).Your loan recipient will be notified of the loan through the e-mail address you provide. The borrower has seven days to accept the loan.If the loan is not accepted after seven days, the book will become available again through your Archived Items. You can also attempt to loan the book again at that time.If the borrower already owns the title, or the title is not available in the borrower’s country due to copyright restrictions, the borrower will not be able to accept the loan. In these cases the lender will be able to read and loan the book again after the seven day period has ended.

How do i put a library book on my kindle.

How to return a book borrowed from Kindle Store.

I borrowed a book in the Kindle Store and I read it, now I can’t figure out how to return it. Help?

Go to the Manage My Kindle section in your account at On the pull down menu to the right of the book title, it will give you the option to return the book. For books borrowed from Amazon, there is no due date – BUT you cannot borrow another book until this one is returned.

Does any one know how to delete a e-book from Kindle fire.

Want to delete books already read.

Hello Susie,To delete a content from your Kindle Fire, please follow these steps:From the Device tab in your Books content library, press and hold the title you want to delete, then tap Remove from Device.Note: This will remove the title from Device tab, however it can still be accessed from the Cloud tab.If you would like to remove the title completely from your device, you will have to delete the content permanently from your account.To permanently remove a Kindle content:Log in to your amazon account, go to Manage Your Kindle, click on Books, Select the book you want to remove, select the delete option, confirm with a YES and it will delete from your account.Warning: Once the Kindle content is deleted from the account, it can not be accessed again. If you want to read it again, you will have to re-purchase it.However, if the content still appears on your Kindle Fire, please restart you Kindle or use the sync.Hope this helps.

How do you swap books to other kindles.

I have a kindle touch and i want to let another person read one of the books i have read. (They also have a kindle touch). I was just wondering if there was any way that i could transfer the book from my kindle to theirs.

Go to manage my Kindle from the Amazon YOUR ACCOUNT tab. After to log in, all your titles should be listed with a drop down menu. to the side of each. One of the choices is lend this title. Click on it & you will be asked for your friend’s name & e-mail. They will sennd an e-mail & your friend can follow the instructions to get the title.

how do i download books from the amazon kindle.please suggest me.

How do you download books to the Amazon Kindle

1. If you bought the books from Amazon via the Kindle (so your wireless is on) then you’ll get them sent to you via Whispernet, in about a minute (it never takes more than 20 seconds with my Kindle 2).2. If you bought the books from Amazon but using your computer (wireless is off on your Kindle, or connectivity is too low), then go to Your Account, and click on Manage your Kindle. Scroll down and you’ll see the list of books you’ve ordered. In the left hand side there’s a drop-down box that says “Deliver to…” Click on the arrow and choose “Transfer via computer”. You’ll be prompted to say which device you’re going to use it on. Choose the name of your Kindle. Once the download is complete, move the book to your Kindle just like below:3. If you have unprotected out-of-copyright books from online sites such as Project Gutenberg, then make sure they’re a format that the Kindle can read, and then:- download those to your computer, and then go to the folder where you’ve downloaded them.- Copy to clipboard (Ctrl + C).- Plug the Kindle in your computer using the USB cable.- Go to My Computer. Note the Kindle drive (just like a normal USB drive).- Click on the Kindle drive, see a bunch of folders, open “Documents”.- Paste the book here (Ctrl + V)Eject the Kindle or unplug it. Click Home on your Kindle. In a couple of seconds the screen will refresh and you’ll see your new book.

how to sendto kindle.

I have windows 8.1 – how do I send a pdf word file to my kindle?

Your Kindle app was assigned as email address by Amazon when you registered the app. Check for the email in the app’s settings – the email should be listed there. if you can’t find it then go to the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon and find the link to Manage Your Devices in the Kindle links on the left side of page – click that and you can see the email addresses for each of your registered apps & devices.Then you can use SendToKindle or just mail it to your Kindle’s email – instructions here option (physically put it there) is to check the app’s settings for its book storage folder. Put the PDF there. Close the app, reopen the app.

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