How To Create Epub Books

How to create an ebook from individual PDF files “For Free”.

I am in the process of creating an ebook I’m about 75% from being done. Its going to be a coloring book for kids and I need to turn all these pages/PDF’s into an eBook, its also an app where I will post all of my new ebooks/ coloring books. Thank for any helpI am on a budget so as cheap or as free as…

I’m assuming that when you said ebook, you meant .ePub file?

How long does it take to convert an average size EPUB file for the Kindle.

I have a lot of non-DRM EPUB format books that I’d like to be able to read on whatever e-reader I buy. I’m leaning towards Amazon’s kindle, so I’d like to know how long it’d take to convert your average EPUB file to a Kindle-friendly compatible format.Also, does converting an EPUB…

I recommend using the software Calibre to convert ebooks. You can download it here:’s easy to use and doesn’t take much time. About 1 minute per book, including time to upload, and then convert.The page formatting shouldn’t be affected, depends how well the eBooks were coded/created however. But for the most part it’s hard to mess up plain text, and a lot of the formatting can be modified and adjusted within the eReader.I own a Nook Color, a Kindle Keyboard, and an iPad. I love eReaders 🙂 Download Gay romance books free.

How to make an ebook.

I have the pages written, and have created a cover. But now i need to know how to make the ebook and put it online. Also is it possible to put it for sale on my blog at blogger…thanks

I would not save it as a PDF unless you only want people to be able to read it on computer screens. PDF creates a fixed size document (usually the size of printer paper) and the readers cannot change the font size, the lines cannot reflow. A standard width PDF, if displayed on en ereader or phone, will be shrunk to fit the screen and the words will probably be too small to be readable. On a small screen someone would have to zoom in then drag it sideways back and forth to read the whole lines.I recommend you save it as filtered HTML (using real Microsoft Word) and then use the free program Calibre to export it to mobi (for Kindle readers), epub (for Nook or Kobo readers), and PDF for people who want to read it on a computer or tablet.Re blogger? No – I think it violates the user agreement to do any commercial money-making activities on blogger. I think you will have to pay for a website where e-commerce is allowed.—Added infoAssuming you already have your written material in some electronic form…Here are all the formats Calibre can convert from:Input Formats: CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, DJVU, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, HTML, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZHere are the formats it can convert to (includes the formats I suggested you covert to):Output Formats: AZW3, EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, HTMLZ, PDB, PML, RB, PDF, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZHere is Calibre made an ebook (mobi) with Calibre by importing HTML, adding a link to the cover image in the Calibre settings and filling out some other fields in the settings. Then I saved it and also exported it as mobi format and I put the mobi file on my Kindle.Calibre manual: FAQ commercial websites – one place to get one is GoDaddy.comRe Paypal – it’s the best way to get paid and most people have it. I refuse to sign up for any other payment sites. I trust Paypal and I don’t trust any others.Note – you can also pay someone to turn what you have into an ebook. if you have your writing in electronic form as any kind of computer document it should cost much less than if your writing is typed or priinted on paper.

How to join Apple Developer Group for creating a iBook for iPhone or iPad on Windows.

How to join Apple Developer Group for creating a iBook for iPhone/iPod and iPad on my windows !

You do not need to join an Apple Developer Group to create an iBook. You would normally use iBookAuthor on a Mac… you do not have access to a Mac you will have to work within the limitations of your operating system and produce an ePub formatted book and use a converter to produce an iBook…http://getpublishly.combut that will not offer the full media interactivity available from an iBook.

Are there any good books or websites on how to convert printed books into ebook format.

Ebook format being Kindle, iPad, iPhone.

Assuming you have the copyright/permission to digitalize the printed book you need to start by scanning the content. You can do this yourself or use a professional book scanning service. Usually this will involve destroying the book as you need to detach the spine. There are some good YouTube clips on how to do this.Nest you OCR the text from the scans and probably end up with a Word doc. Then you are ready to convert to eBook. The best two books are “Straight to the point” by Liz Castro, which describes the process of creating an EPUB file ( for iPad, Nook, etc) and the book by Joshua Tallent about creating books for Kindle.Creating a proper flowing eBook can be quite a technical exercise and these two books do go into some detailed technical descriptions. An alternative is to use a professional eBook conversion company like

Can I write e books and sell them in a Word and PDF format or must e books be in a specific format to sell.

I sell How to e books on my site published books made into e-books and they vary in format from Word to PDF. I am wondering if these formats are limitations when people download the e books? If these formats do cause problems, how can I convert my ebooks to the correct format – which is what anyway?Thanks

Yes, if you want to share you e-book you just convert it to some widely used standard formats like PDF and ePub formats. A word formatted book will be easily modified by others without permission.But you want sell it then you need to publish it through an electronic books publication company, make it an legal and professional way to sell your books.found you an ePub creating tool to create a good ePub books that can be read either online or offline.

How-to add ePub book to page in Dreamweaver.

Is it a DIV tag, an AP-DIV tag, or any other common element, I’ve got an ePub file created in Pages that I would like to place on a HTML page in Dreamweaver CS3.

Since an ePub file has its own unique extension, not many people will be able to open it. You may have to convert it to a more common file format in order to put it on your web page. This will be done with the option in DW to insert HTML, if I remember correctly.If it is intended to download and read in an eReader, then I suggest you put it in the standard *.zip format to trigger the download file function in browsers.Try to use Notepad or another text editor to open the EPUB file. Many files are text-only files meaning no matter the file extension, a text editor may be able to properly display the file’s contents. This may or may not be the case with EPUB files but it’s worth a try.If you need to recommend software for reading the file, maybe Digital Editions?.Ron

How-to add ePub book to page in Dreamweaver.

Is it a DIV tag, an AP-DIV tag, or any other common element, I’ve got an ePub file created in Pages that I would like to place on a HTML page in Dreamweaver. See below for the link.

Answered question here:;_ylt=AuOChQEaXYsB5usD1rbeyyvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100903083250AAV5FPA&show=7#profile-info-IAwBEsPkaaRon

How do I create a Google Books compatible ebook after I have the ePub..

The issue I am having is I’m creating the ebook with calibre and that is working fine, creating a epub file. Only issue is, it separates the other important files into the folder which I want to all be merged into one epub file. How do I manage to do this?

You can follow this guide to merge EPUB files with free Sigil.…

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