How To Read Nook Books On Kindle Fire

Rooting a nook color. Vs kindle fire.

I can’t decide if I want the kindle fire or the nook color. I found out if you root the nook, it’s basically like an android tablet, which is what I want. I wouldn’t use it for reading, I’d use it as a tablet. So would you recommend a ROOTED nook color, or the kindle fire, if I use it for a tablet...

Hey, Basketball Forever, one of the major advantages of Nook Color over incoming Kindle Fire is the microSD card slot which neither of old or new Kindle models have. With Nook, you can actually have two devices instead of one as you don’t have to root the actual device but instead can make it boot from a “rooted” microSD card. If you want to get back to the original Nook you can just take out the card and reboot. This way you can go back and forth between rooted and original Nook Color within minutes. There are plenty of instructions on how to do it on the web.Also, with the microSD card you can add up to 32 GB of additional capacity for books, videos, photos, and apps to your Nook Color.

questions about the kindle fire….

I’m thinking about purchasing a kindle fire. I love to read! lol any way i have a ton of questions. How do you charge it, does the battery die quickly. How do i purchase books on it, can i borrow books for free, and does run of wi fi?

Hey, Charlie, before you think of getting a Kindle Fire consider this:- Kindle Fire doesn’t have microSD slot that, for example, Nook Color has thus it is stuck with 6 GB usable internal storage unlike Nook Color that can get up to 32 GB card in. Kindles are made to make sure you’re tied up to Amazon’s storage on the web (for which you need Wi-Fi connection to get to) and you can only store content you get from Amazon there, not other files. Quoting Amazon on Kindle Fire: “Free cloud storage for all Amazon content”. Get it, Amazon content?- The stats of how long the battery can last (Kindle Fire theory is 7.5 hours) are taken with Wi-Fi off. It will last only about 3 hours if you use it to access content from their Cloud storage over Wi-Fi.- Amazon can spy on your web activity through their new cloud-integrated web browser of Kindle Fire.– lack of microSD slot means that if you decide to root your Kindle Fire, you’ll have to root the actual device thus there will be no coming back. On Nook Color, you can make it boot from a “rooted” microSD card and if you want to get back to the original Nook you can just take out the card and reboot.- Kindle doesn’t support eBooks in ePub format that is the most used format in the world.- Kindle app store contains only Amazon approved apps and it does not include (and will not include) Netflix app that iPad has and Nook Color is getting thus again you’re stuck with Amazon content only.- Amazon confirmed that you cannot download/stream anything to Kindle Fire when traveling outside US.- Amazon says it will review every app in its Appstore for Fire compatibility, as part of an automated process. Rejected apps will include those that rely on a gyroscope, camera, WAN module, Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or micro SD. Apps are also forbidden from using Google’s Mobile Services (and in-app billing), which, if included, will have to be “gracefully” removed. In terms of actual content, Amazon has outlawed all apps that change the tablet’s UI in any way (including theme- or wallpaper-based tools), as well as any that demand root access.I’d recommend waiting for Nook Color 2 that is rumored to be released by Barnes & Noble shortly.According to recently appeared leaks on the Internet, Nook Color 2 will be released by Barnes & Noble on November 7, and this device sure leaves Kindle Fire in the dust.Leaked specs include:- dial-core 1.2 Ghz processor vs. 1.0 Ghz of Kindle Fire- 1.0 GB of RAM vs. 512 MB of Kindle Fire- 16 GB capacity for apps, videos, photos, ebooks vs. 8 GB of Kindle Fire- microSD slot to expand capacity even further by another 32 GB vs. no expandable capacity of Kindle Fire- 1024 x 800 IPS HD display vs. 1024 x 600 of Kindle Fire- 14.1 oz weight vs. 14.6 oz of Kindle Fire- Netflix and Hulu Plus for millions of movies streaming built-in vs. 13,000 movies in Amazon store that allows no Netflix and Hulu Read urban fiction books online for free

Is there any way to download the Nook app to a Kindle Fire.

Of course. No need to root.Follow this guide:…

Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet.

I would like to buy an E-book tablet. I was wondering which was better – Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet?Im starting college, so I’ll be needing it to read books, browse the Internet & type essays.Which would be better for me?Any other recommendations are welcome. My budget is kind of low, so I can’t…

I’ll say the Kindle Fire. See how a student making full use of it, and you’ll see whether it suits your need:…However, watch out as new Kindle models are coming out shortly. They’ll be better than the old models it’ll be good to just wait a bit. Just read one or two customer reviews on the new models when they are out, and you’ll be able to decide which to pick.Bestselling Kindle Devices (updated daily):…Latest Kindle Tablet (will be updated here once new model is released):…

Hmmm Kindle fire or Nook Tablet.

The most important aspect I’m considering is the selection for books, magazines, music, video, games, and apps. More emphasis on books and magazines because I mainly read anything that has to do with art, travel, music, and latest electronics. I really like both but I want to hear from experience, opinions, and…

Well, to start things off, I do want to confess that I am Nook Tablet owner, but not because of that that I intend to write something that is subjectively favorable to the Nook, just stating facts.My first and foremost advice is to spend a little bit of time reading through the reviews that compare these devices. You’ll get something that will be well worth your money and suit your needs more.Secondly, I wish to point out that at least 2 of the previous 3 opinions are quite misleading, but they did say it was only their personal opinions, so I have no further challenge for that.Now, back to the facts:In contrast to one of the previous statements, the Nook’s display is actually crisper, cleaner and the reading experience is much more enjoyable. Why? Despite being made up of basically very similar screen panels, the Kindle Fire’s screen is like and glossy glass, which on its own does look very stylish, but when actually in use, it produces so much glare even in moderate room lighting that reading or viewing contents on it is quite hard on the eye, if not to say annoying. Not to mention the narrower viewing angle compare to the Nook’s. The Nook’s screen utilises a laminated screen panel with minimal air gap (which is an important feature for a beautiful display) so that it actually reduces glare and increases viewing angle and produces sharper images. All of this information came from independent tech reviewers. You can confirm these information by watching this review: article is here: the review above is a showdown between 4 tablets, 2 of which are the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. But I guess the other 2 are of no interest to you anyways, since you did say that you intend to buy something that is more focused on reading books and magazines. It is also noteworthy that although the other two have more functions as a tablet, but they do come at extra cost.And since we are talking about reading experience, I think I should also point out another fact that the Nook Tablet is actually lighter (yes, in terms of weight) than Kindle Fire. I do know that some people are saying the difference is so small that you barely notice, however, think about it, in long reading session, your body knows more than you do 🙂 holding something even a tad heavier can tire your hand out faster, it’s simple as that. Ah, another thing, the Kindle Fire is a bit thicker than the Nook Tablet, and the Fire’s edges are quite square rather than rounded corners if you compare to the Nook tablet. Can hurt your hand after a while. Also, the soft-touch rubber back of the Nook tablet feel really pleasant, together with the lighter weight and thinner design, sometime when reading you just forget that you are holding a “computer” in your hand, it just feels natural. So, all in all, holding and reading off the Nook tablet feels really nice. Many tech reviewers and magazines are praising the Nook tablet for that. To quote one of those for you:”Pure, instant tactile joy”- GizmodoPS: As for the selection of books available, it’s also worth noting that the Kindle Fire offers around 1 million titles from Amazon, while the Nook Tablet offers over 2.5 million titles from Barnes & Noble. More than double. Just something for you to think about, if you love reading.

How to Download Google Books.

Can anyone tel how to download books?It’s Urgent!!!!!!!!!!

Download Google books to Nook:…Download Google books to iPad:…Download Google books to Kindle Fire:…

Stuck.. Kindle Fire or the Nook..

Was Thinking the kindle fire but some of my friends say the Nook? Any comments?

Hi, tazzxbox, there’s no content advantage of Kindle – that’s a myth. Nook has to offer the same things that Kindle has and more B&N ebook store has more content than Amazon’s with 2.5 million paid books and 2 million free public domain ones. Amazon prime is worthless – 13,000 movies and 10,000 books are included while Netflix has millions of movies and B&N ebook store has millions of books (and over 2 million free ones). Also it’s worth mentioning that if you walk in with any Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’ll get tech support and you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi.How about choppy video vs. smooth video or choppy apps vs. smooth apps – all reviewers noted much better performance of Nook Tablet over Kindle Fire in “choppiness” department – that’s where 1 GB or RAM, better software and better screen come to play. Nook has microSD slot (not on Kindle) for more content space (and you can have more than one card) and rooting without voiding the warranty. Also, Nook Tablet has physical volume controls on the side (not on Kindle) and built-in microphone (not on Kindle) for Skype.

Kindle Fire typing Help.

On the kindle fire, where is the option to turn off auto correct and the word suggestions above the keyboard?

You can actually download the free kindle app to your nook and get books off Amazon.Here you go – how to turn it off…PSOne GREAT read is if you like Fantasy – is Treasures of Darkness Treasures of Light – Through the Dark Wood by Geno Allen from know that today there is a FREE promo to download it too today … You just go to the site and download it and read it via their free kindle app or you can read it online too. It is a very good novel. And, it is FREE can’t go wrong with that.Book App…

How do i get apps on my kindle fire.

I am living in Ireland And i have a kindle fire but i cannot download app because i dont live in america? Is there anyway to get around this

Two ways.1. Root. But I do not recommend this way.2. Google for “*** APK free download” on the built-in browser of Kindle Fire. Go to a a non-GooglePlay site and download the APK file to Kindle Fire and install.Or you can search for the APK on your computer, transfer the downloaded APK file to Kindle Fire and then install the APK on Kindle Fire with a command line.More details (method 2)…

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