How To Sell Old Books Online

how can i sell online very old book from 17 centiary.

what’s a “centiary” ?If you really have a 400 year old book, don’t sell it on ebay (you’ll get ripped off), go to a reputable rare book dealer who knows what it is really worth.

How to sell books online, how much are they worth.

I have a hundreds of old books from the 50′,60’s,70,80, and 90’s, ranging from every topic. Is there a website available that can tell me how much these books are worth? If so, how can I sell them?I was thinking Ebay……..any idea’s?

Go to any eBay page. Click on Advanced Search. Search for the title and click the box for completed listings. This will show you if any have sold and for what price. Be aware that many books bring very little money.

How to get free audible books without credit card

Trouble selling old books online.

I recently started selling books on Amazon and I’ve been doing quite well. Although now I have a couple boxes of old medical text books and stuff that I want to sell. A lot of the books were published between 1940 and 1971 and don’t have ISBN numbers in them. Instead they have Library of Congress Card…

Hi there,Your safest option would be to take them to an antiquarian bookshop and ask them for their opinion – not what they would pay you for them, but what they would ask for them.CheersS

What’s the best online way to sell old and new books. can take a long time. Amazon takes a big chunk of your money.

eBay really. I’m an auctioneer and buy a lot of big lots to resell.I sell a lot of books on eBay and have written a few articles on how to sell old books which you can view for free.I even have an online radio show with a special guest talking about how to sell old books. go to and type in books in my search box to see the other articles I’ve written on how to market books.

how to sell books online.

hey i have some old txtbooks i dont want but could sell for lots of money but how do i sell them online??thanks

Amazon for sure! Just sold some myself within a week!

How do I sell my old books online.

I need to make money to save up for college, and I heard that a good way to make money is by selling old books. I, being an avid reader, found this to be a great idea, and went through all of my books and picked the ones I didn’t want. I found websites online that sell books, but none of them will buy them from…

You could sell them directly to people on ebay.Did u try selling them to Amazon or Barnes and Noble they usually take old books too because people all over the country buy from them.

How can I sell my old and new books online.

I am thinking Amazon or some site like that. I just don’t know how and I have a lot of old and new school books. That I want to get something reasonable out of. Can someone please tell me how? is a subdivision of ebayIt targets the textbook and regualr book market.Otherwise, you can sell old books through Amazon and…

How to promote and sell books online.

Hi everybody, I’m helping to promote and sell the book my grandfather wrote. I have thought about e-bay, but I suppose there could be a better way. Are there any suggestions? Thank you. 🙂

If your grandfather sold to book to a legit publishing house, then he can ask his editor about promotion.Ebay is useless. I’ve tried to sell some of my books there, but the profits are eaten up by their fees.If he took his book to PublishAmerica, his book is going to be too high priced for anyone to want to buy it. They have no distribution and the stigma of being the worst scam operation in publishing. (Sorry!) Just Google their name + “scam” to read the horror stories.If he is self-published–which is better than PA!–he can have a website with the book’s opening chapters posted, with links to places where people can buy the book.The problem with self-pubs is they also have no distribution and won’t be in bookstores, so he can’t do signings.I REALLY hope he’s not with PA. They wave the flag, praise Jesus, and ever week urge writers to buy overpriced copies of their own books. (Which tend to fall apart.) They have a shameless policy of preying on older people and those who don’t know how publishing really works. Their website is highly misleading to the inexperienced.This writer’s board will have better promotional ideas you can check out:’s free and run by pros.Good luck!

how to sell old college books.

I went to a school online and another school. now I am going to a different technical college and i want to sell my old books but this school doesn’t need any of these. I about about 16 books and want to get rid of them. What are my other options?

I sell the majority of my textbooks on You can also try donating them the library, or selling on ebay or amazon. I like because they don’t charge a listing fee and no time limits. You can put them on and forget about them till they sell!

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