How To Delete Books From Google Play Books

What is a WX file, how to use it.

Just purchased the book, flight simulator as a training aid, and when I try to activate practice flights it will not open? also unable to store them on my drive? I hope this book wasn’t a waste of money? So far it seems like it is?

hi its really an important file to play fsx bcz it is your setted weather file and will be work with another file which extension is*.FLT eh y it is unable to load or store possibly FLT file is not available try this where the save game folder is located delete it and then play adain it will be like first time or download fsx saved game from internet it easy with google you can serch for fsx save game i think the problem wiil be clear

how to install minecraft mods.

i JUST started playing mineraft and i looked everywhere and tried like 3 diffrent types of downloading but i can’t get it!! my comp is a windows 7 and im on minecraft 1.7.3!! i need HELP. something step by step and dumbed down preferably as simple as possable

How to install mods:1. Download WinRAR, WinZIP, or 7Zip. (search for them in google)2. Download Risugami’s “Mod Loader”, found here Download the desired mod.4. Open the Start menu on your desktop. In the search bar type in %appdata%. A folder should be displayed, titled “Roaming” When the correct folder shows up on the display, open it (At this point you may want to back up your “.minecraft” folder by selecting, right-clicking on and then selecting the “Add to Archive” option [I use WinRAR]). After that one is open, open the “.minecraft” folder.5. Once the “.minecraft” folder is open, select and open the “bin” folder.6. Once this is open, you’ll find your “minecraft.jar” files. Here I usually find two, “minecraft.jar” and “minecraft-1.7.3.jar”. The file you want to use is the “minecraft.jar”. Right-click it and open it with WinRAR.7. Once here, locate and delete the “META-INF”, AND ONLY THIS FOLDER.8. Next open the “ModLoader” and the desired mod in WinRAR.9. Copy all “.class” files over from the open “ModLoader” in WinRAR, to the open “.minecraft” file in the seperate WinRAR window.10. Repeat step number 9, for the desired mod that you opened in WinRAR.11. Close all windows, open your minecraft launcher and see if the mod has been properly installed.If the mod hasn’t been properly installed and causes issues with your game, then erase the “.minecraft” file you tampered with and extract the back-up you made. Re-open your minecraft launcher and force it to update itself. This will allow it to re-download all necessary files. After you can try again. Also I am not responsible for any damages to the game or computer that occur during the installation process.Best of luck my friend. If you need anything else find me on my youtube channel at’ll take questions and such there.Enjoy.

Free vampire books

How to delete denied files.

I downloaded a movie from a site I’ve never had a problem with. When I tried to watch the movie it played like a very badly scratched DVD. Now when I try and delete the file I get the error message “denied make sure the file is not write-protected or in use” I thought it was locked so I downloaded an…

The usual thing to slow down your machine is a process / program running that is unwanted.If you have a virus, you may be in trouble.Some virus can prevent you from seeing what is running by disabling / deleting / renaming or whatever the task manager program.The usual way to check which tasks are hogging all of the computer’s processing is CTRL-ALT-Delete then select Task Manager or to right click the task bar near where the start menu is, then select Task Manager.When in Task Manager you want to view the list of running processes of all users, then sort that list by the column labeled CPU % or whatever in descending order, then check if there are any tasks running that are unusually hogging the machine for itself. When nothing much is happening the System Idle Process should be a very high percentage value at the top of the list. If some other program that you did not specifically launch to process a big bunch of data, it will appear as the most active program running other than the Idle Process. Note down in a notepad text file or whatever the exact spelling of the name of the running program, then Google its name / description to see if it is legitimate or a possible virus.It is possible to select a process, then terminate it using this task manager program. However, virus programs usually come in parts where a second program stays idle and insures that a copy of the main virus keeps running by loading up a new copy when it sees the old one terminate for whatever reason. Be careful because some system tasks have service tasks that launch helper processes like the content indexing service–these will just re-launch the indexing program helper tasks, but these are not viruses and can be disabled by using the Control Panel, services applet, or can be tuned not to use too much CPU by using the my computer, manage function, then selecting the content indexing sub-tree, then tweaking the settings available there.Some system files can get infected by a virus, or a virus file could be named the same, but be located in a different folder to confuse a user as to its evil intentions.If a web browser is running a movie / video playing plug-in, or reading an Adobe Acrobat PDF, then the plug-in can make the web browser sluggish. Similarly with a “browser helper object” (BHO) that gets loaded when you start up the web browser.A friend just got a fast computer, but he was using face-book (a lot) and someone sent him various things. One of those things installed a BHO that slowed down his web browser and internet speed so that it took about 1.5 minutes to get a linked page to load. He thought that it was his internet provider, but when I went into his browser’s options settings and disabled all BHOs, then shutdown & restarted the web browser, it was like night and day. He would now click a link & bam–the page loaded instantly.Adobe acrobat reader can sometimes have such a BHO for loading up PDF files viewable within the web browser. Adobe also makes the flash video player. Adobe sometimes writes crappy software that results in odd behavior and crashes and that is why the flash player seems to be updated very frequently.The recently deceased (2011) Steve Jobs did not like Adobe Flash software because it was unstable, so he did not permit its use on the iPad or iPad2. I did not learn this until watching a lot of Steve Jobs related videos on YouTube.Sun Java that runs applets on the web has a BHO.Other software makers write BHOs that get loaded as soon as you land on their web site.There used to be some old software from 6 years ago that was named BHO demon or similar such where you could selectively enable or disable each such item. I don’t know if this older software will work on newer systems?Various antivirus programs should be able to see this kind of malware, and disable or erase it for you if you scan fully for it? Microsoft has a free anti-virus software.The ultimate way to eliminate viruses is to backup just your data & documents files & downloads & emails from every place on your disk, then reformat / re-install the operating system from the system disks. Some software exists that will backup your driver files so that making your various devices work properly is simplified, not requiring you to re-download drivers / zip files, etc, then re-install each again.MSconfig is a program that lets you review what programs get loaded from startup. Most viruses insert themselves into these startup files. Disabling all the virus parts from loading will stop the virus unless a bunch of your system files are also infected.

How to pull myself away from materialistic things.

I feel like I spend a little too much time on the internet.. On twitter, instagram and on google just looking stuff up. I want to delete everything and stay off those things for good and just read books and do other things. But I feel like I’m a little addicted. How do I stop? Thank you.

Your question is a deeply philosophical one with no clear answer. However, you can look at it this way. Most people use the internet to “consume” – consuming information (informative or social), consuming experiences (games, movies, social contacts, etc.). You are self-aware enough to realize that the internet has turned you into a 24/7 consumer of stuff. Nearly every heavy internet user suffers the same temptation and challenge relative to the internet. Frankly, the only antidote I know to constant consumerism is to become a worker or creator. By that I mean you should spend time “creating” or w”working” instead of “consuming”. For example, spend time writing, learning to play an instrument, drawing, or just sitting inside your head thinking. You can use the internet to help you create – blogging, writing stories on Wattpad, etc. You can work – find a a job that you like that takes you away from consuming. For example, if you like animals, volunteer at a local pet clinic.

i have been trying to play videos on you tube.

i have been trying to play videos on you tube and face book but they are out of sink is there any way to find out how to fix this or see why they does this i have windows xp hope some one can help

Try using a different browser from the one you were using. E.g swich to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.If that doesnt work, then try cleaning your cache, and deleted unnecessary cookies and histories.If none of the above work, try installing the latest flash player. click on your taskbar, click “Start task manager”.Make sure you have nothing running, and then the task manager should sayCPU:0 max 15.If its above 60, theres a problem with the pc, not video.

How to delete or at least stop system apps from updating.

There r apps i never use, like google play books or poynt that constantly update and update till im out of memory on thephone. So i go thru and clear all the apps cache, ill get back 20 mb or so, and the next time i turn on the data to jump on facebook or check my email, they all start updateing again and kill all…

Try changing the application access of the app from options to “always ask”.I use a diffrent OS though.

All contacts deleted from my iPhone because Google Voice.

I have an iPhone 3G, I installed Google Voice in my phone. After I played around with the apps, when I go back to my iPhone’s contact list, my contact list is gone. All the contacts actually saved in Google Voice contacts. Do you know how to put the contact back to my iPhone? or to back up the contact…

I think so. But you can use Synkontact and ContactDel to manage your adress book.

How To Delete Google Apps that installed automatically..

Ok so when I set up Google play on my android phone, it installed apps like street view, Google music, Google books, talk, etc. When I go to uninstall them in the Google play store, it just uninstalls the updates. it seems there is no way to actually delete them. What do I do?

Go to settings, Applications ManagerNow select the app from the list one at a time and select Uninstall.

How can I prevent google play from suggesting these books.

My idiot friend clicked on a single erotic novel and now all google wants to suggest for me is porn! I’ve tried deleting my history, marking their suggestions as not interested, even tried downloading different books from every other genre there is. They just keep filling my screen with that crap though! How am…

Find if any apps install in your tablet or phone related to books uninstall it

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