How Much Do You Spend On Books A Month

how much money do you survive on a month.

Just curious as to what you all are living on (I think I could live on less than I do now.)This question doesn’t apply to those still living with their parents.

My family’s personal expenses each month add up to about $1200. however, my house and cars are paid off and I owe no one any personal debt.This information is of absolutely no benefit to you or anyone else. I’m going to plug a great book here, one of my favorites – “The Automatic Millionaire,” by David Bach. His premise is that most of us waste money on things we don’t need or even want, and if we saved that money, we could accumulate a huge sum over time.Your best bet is to decide what is really important to you – whether it is nice things, a nice house, nice vacations, a comfortable retirement, nice gifts, college for your kids, charity work, even not having to cook for yourself – most of us can’t have it all, so figure out what is important to you. Then figure out what you are actually spending your money on and allocate to the things you think are the most important.Money really can buy happiness, but most of us choose to spend it on something else.

How much did you spend a month for one baby.

someone in here mention that a baby should cost around 800-1000 a month? I personally think that’s a lots. I’ve never spend close to $500 a month. My husband and I spend about $150 a month and sometime $200 a month for diapers, shampoo, wipes and clothes.$800-1000 a month is a lots.

I don’t see how a baby could possibly cost that much – the first 12 months in the life of your baby are the cheapest and it just gets more and more expensive every year after when you start having to pay school/kindergarten fees, sports memberships, uniforms, books, camps, excursions etc.We spend roughly $350 a month on baby related stuff – nappies, formula, wipes, baby food, sometimes more if we have to visit the doctor and buy medication.

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How much do you all spend on baby expenses.. If I save 100 dollars a month when will it be enough.

Ok right now I have about… 100 dollars in my savings account from selling my college books back, so if I save like 100 dollars a month how long will i need to do this to have enough money for my baby (not pregnant yet) AND how much stuff do you think i would get at a baby shower?? I am in a sorority so all my…

Depends on what type of life you want for you and your child. If you plan to stay home you and your partner need to take the time to get your expenses down to what you can afford with only his paycheck (leaving some extra for baby’s supplies). If you intend to work you’ll need to have atleast $600/month extra in your budget just for daycare (varies by area). But as far as actual equipment– you can get by on very little. Babies don’t NEED fancy or expensive clothes. Most of my son’s clothes are either hand me downs from his cousins or purchased by either grandma. And when my daughter is born I truely doubt I’ll have to buy much b/c everyone is so excited there’s finally a girl in the family (no hand me downs, but plenty of shoppers!). And a crib– you can buy one at a resale shop but I got mine new from Kmart for $130, and a comfy mattress for about $80 (both purchased by my parents). We were given a lot of the other stuff (swing, bouncy chair, etc). So it really depends on who you know and what they have that they can hand down or let you borrow. Truthfully, as far as equipment needed to start out, we purchased almost nothing. We were handed down enough that our parents bought the remaining few large items, and we got lots of clothes and smaller items at the shower (what you’ll get at a shower also depends on the people you invite. I personally always buy necessities and smaller things that were registered for and give a gift bsket, but we received a LOT of clothing at ours). If you plan to breastfeed you won’t need to pay for formula, but if you work you’ll need to buy a pump. Some people have had good experiences with the cheaper ones, but if I had to pump all the time I’d be getting a $300 one. And ofcourse you’ll have to buy diapers. It’s hard to say really, but I probably bought a $40 case ever 4-6 weeks? Probably more often when he was really small.Babies are not nearly as expensive as we make them out to be– THEY want very little. It all depends on you and what YOU want. There are always the extras, like birthday parties and presents, vacations (in my case that’s a factor b/c my family lives across the country so I knew I had to budget for eventually purchasing a 3rd plane ticket), sports or activities. But none of that is necessary or HAS to cost a lot.Take your time and really make sure you’re EMOTIONALLY ready. Having money helps but nothing ever goes exactly the way you would like, so don’t wait for things to be PERFECT.Oh, I should add that as another poster said, medical bills aren’t cheap. But they will depend on your specific insurance. For my son we had a $1000 deductible (90% reimbursed by my husband’s company). With our co-insurance and the deductible we were responsible for, we probably paid between $500-$700 total. But with THIS pregnancy it will be more b/c we have a $2500 deductible (and remember that you and baby EACH usually have a deductible), 90% reimbursed, still leaving us to pay $500 plus whatever our coinsurance ends up being.Good luck!

In college, how much money do you normally spend on “fun/entertainment” a month.

How much do you usually spend on going out to eat, clothes, movies, games or whatever else you might consider fun. During the semesters, I spend absolutely nothing (besides books and tuition) since I’m so busy with my pre-med stuff, and I’ll try to pack a lunch or snack. But this summer, I have been…

Spending money for fun/entertainment is only for people who can afford it, not students on a limited budget. It’s no fun to run out of money for unexpected expenses when you need it. There are plenty of free things that are fun and entertaining, particularly on-campus events. In fact, some events have free food and giveaways, so you can save money by going. It’s easy to spend all your money foolishly. It takes more effort to spend it wisely and frugally. But you can turn frugal spending into a source of fun. It can be fun to know how much money you saved by finding free activities. Buying food and cooking it yourself can be cheaper and better than paying others to do it for you. I’d much rather buy and cook my own steak than pay a restaurant to do it for me, plus tip and tax. If you work in a restaurant, then eating there for free or discounted meals can make sense. I only bought food from a restaurant when it was cheaper and more convenient to do so than preparing my own. There was a sandwich shop that had baguette sandwiches for $2-3 right on the way to campus. There were some fast food restaurants that offered student discounts and value menus. But I could live for a week on the money that it would cost to eat one meal at a “sit-down” restaurant. Clothes? Watch for clubs that give away free T-shirts. Sometimes the campus bookstore will clear out items from the last year or when logos change. Students often want to sell stuff or give it away when they move out of housing. Until you have your degree in your hand and you have no more school left, you need to keep a tight wallet. Having some cash saved up reduces your stress tremendously, and that lets you have more fun by not having to worry about unexpected expenses as much. Blowing through that cash is not a good idea. It is ok to spend a little money on entertainment if the price is reasonable for a student budget. Discounted tickets to campus theatricals and musicals is an example. Discounted sports events or at the fitness/activities center is another example. Never pay full price. If you work at a good paying job, then you can afford to spend some of your earnings on entertainment. When you are on an extremely limited income, you need to preserve every dollar to get you through the year.

How much money do you spend per month on a young child.

I need the answer for a school assignment.

My daughter will be 22 months old on Saturday.I spend $50 on diapers and wipes, probably about $75 on food for her, and doing her laundry probably costs me a couple bucks for the water and electric. I buy her clothes second hand and she has a huge wardrobe for next to nothing. I buy her books and toys second hand, too.I’d say the monthly average is around $160. Some months are higher with doctor copays, some are lower. Its not a huge amount though. We do a lot of free stuff for fun… we go to the park to play, to the mall to play, joined mommy groups to play… we do cheap fun things like ride the carousel at the mall for a dollar…

How much do you usually spend a month on expenses.

How much do you spend on the following?-Gas-Clothes-Food-Electricy/Water/etc-rent/mortgage or whatever-books and school fees-extra curriculurs-etcIt’s for a project for school but I don’t have experiencein the “real” world yet so I don’t know.Inculde the age of your…

ALOT lol.I’ll give u the rundown of my household, thats me (22), my boyfriend (24), and his daughter(5).Gas – $100Groceries – $450Electric – $65Water/Gas -$70Rent – $510Tuition – $610 a semesterBooks – Varies but always over $100Cable- $100Car Insurance – $70Dental/Health Coverage – $100Extra Activites – $150 (Karate & Dance)Daycare – $60Babysitter – $50Cell Phone Bill – $80Other Misc (Junk, Clothes, movies, fast food etc) – $200So if its the month I have to pay for my school stuff…that would make a grand total of about $2700 a month give or take, sometimes cars break down etc etc etc…..Life is so expensive. All that isn’t includeing credit card payments…geez

College students: around how much do you spend a month.

Including rent, food, weekend expenses, medical, laundry, transportation, school supplies, personal expenses, eating on campus, etcAnd how much is your tuition a semester?Thanks so much!

Central IndianaRoom and Board: ~ $8,000 (includes a private room and meal plan in my case) My parents help me pay this.Renting in this city averages about $300 per person, very cheap, so I’ll be doing that next year instead of the dorms.Laundry: $5-10/month (Our washers take $1 each load in the dorms. Laundromats are higher.)Medical: I’ve had no serious medical bills. I pay $60 once a year for the health fee to use the health center through the school. I buy birth control for $15 each month.Transportation: Bus in town is free for students. When I had my car, I was spending about $30-100 a month depending on how often I took the 200 mile trip home. Parents paid insurance, and I had no idea how much that was.Supplies: I spend roughly $500 on books and $100 on supplies each year. I recommend used textbooks from amazon.Tuition: ~$7,000 per academic year (covered by scholarship)Total out of my pocket per month the way I’m living now is probably about $200 if I average everything out. (Total out parents’ pockets, that’s higher, of course.) Very manageable if you can save up during the summer and find scholarships and grants. Next year, I’ll have more monthly bills, like groceries and rent, but the total amount of money will be about $4000 less by getting out of the dorms, which are grossly inflated for this area.

How much do you spend on a guy you have been dating 6 months.

For Christmas?We are boyfriend and girlfriend and see each other about 4 days a week….He has bought me A LOT of gifts so far…I am in my late 20’s….so how much should I plan to spend on his Christmas gift so I don’t look cheap?

I am 18 and I have been with my bf for a bit over 6 months and we see each other around 3 times per week…but starting tomorrow we get to see each other for an entire month in a row(college Christmas vacation 😀 It’s my first year so I’m stoked!)My budget is probably much less than yours, but I spent around $200 on him. If you check they have great deals always and so do high end stores (like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth, etc).I saved hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents this year by shopping online :)..but I started shopping three months ago (Christmas is my favorite day of the year!!!)So…I’m not sure if I am a good example since I LOVE Christmas and think of it like every day…of the year *___*, but I say that you should ask him how much he is spending or…What I did with my bf since he never really celebrated Christmas that much before (Chinese) I told him how it works in my family:We buy one or two really big gifts (like really nice high fashion stuff or ipods/videogame consoles etc) and then we buy a few smaller gifts as well (videogames, cds, books, magazine subscriptions, stuffed animals, etc).I made sure he understood so that he didn’t spend too little and feel awkward on Christmas (I know I would!) and I also didn’t want him to spend too much (which would be awkward for me).Also, it is important to see how important Christmas is to him…by the sound of it, he is really excited!Like I know people who don’t really care for it, but then I adore it.So yeah, good luck!!! 😀

How much do you spend on books each month.

I looked at some receipts i had in my book bag and I just spent alittle over $100 on books last month, I literally cringed when I saw it o.O lol I think I’ll start borrowing books. How much did you spend one books each month.P.S I mostly brought classics like catcher in the eye and to kill a mockingbird to…

I think at least $30 to $40, usually from Amazon. I tend to get books that are under a dollar then it’s really like only paying for shipping and handling, but it adds up. Especially since that’s about every single month and I buy books faster than I can read them. So yeah. It’s an addiction!

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