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Where can i find good anime/manga pics to draw.

i don’t mean google or anything like that I KNOW haha. so any web sites you could give me would be great thx

are you looking for websites that offer tutorials? or a website that has a lot of anime pictures that can inspire you? (pictures drawn by famous mangaka/artists)if you want the second one you can or www.animepaper.netthere are lots of scans and pictures there that might inspire you on your drawings…and might give you ideas..if it’s the tutorials… i was able to download a pdf file from the “how to draw manga” book… but i cant find the website anymore. i think it’s from a torrent website and it was around 700 mb… x___xbut maybe you can check here:****–pdf.htmlsometimes youtube helps too. there are people who show how they draw their characters… maybe you can find something from there.

Getting started drawing anime/manga style.

I’m suddenly getting extremely interested in drawing and such, but I have hardly any talent in this area. Can someone please give me tips on how to get started drawing perferably manga/anime style people? Thanks in advance!

I suggest, to start off with, do tutorials you can find on the internet to give you the basic idea of how to draw the framework of your characters. Here are 2 helpful ones–http://dragoart.com…In fact, you can search for tutorials for absolutely anything you want to draw in the deviantArt search engine. Really good stuff.As another answerer mentioned, you could use Christopher Hart’s books, but they’re more for drawing superhero-type anatomy. Nonetheless, it might help you with poses and muscle definition.If you have a torrent downloader. you can get them off Piratebay: for pure manga style, I highly reccomend you use the Hikaru Hayashii’s manga guides. It teaches you EVERYTHING. Unforunately, it seems the person who uploaded the torrent took it down but here are the books available. Hopefully you’ll be able to find them:How to Draw Manga Vol 1. Compiling Characters (I only managed to find a torrent for this one –[PDF])How to Draw Manga Vol. 2 Compiling TechniquesHow to Draw Manga Vol. 4 Dressing your Character in Casual WearHow to Draw Manga Vol. 7 Giant RobotsHow to Draw Manga – Getting StartedHow to Draw Manga – Illustrating BattlesHow to Draw Manga – Bishoujo Around The WorldHow to Draw Manga – Tecniques for Drawing Female Manga CharactersThat’s all I have.There are plenty of helpful videos on youtube. Check out this user (Mark Crilley, an established American Manga artist): poses: really recommend that you try to imitate the style of manga artists you like. Remember, these are still the beginning steps and you will develop your own style over time, but try this so you can get the feel of drawing detailed, professional looking anime and you can always add your individual touch by stylizing.The best place to go if you want feedback and constructive criticism is Deviantart. There’s a huge anime fanbase there, so you can get all the help you need and find inspiration.You definitely get more from that than posting links in this section for reviews.I really hope this will be of help to you, good luck and enjoy!>w< /m/

Free urban fiction books

How to draw manga: Sketching Manga-Style.

Does anyone know where I can download the pdf for How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Volumes 2-5? I already have the first volume, I’m interested in the rest, 2-5. The author is Hikaru Hayasho, Takehiko Matsumoto, and Kazuaki Morita.The series is out of printI have no moneyI’ve searched google…

Btw , it’s Hikaru Hayashi* not Hayasho.I’ve been searching for these too , but the only few sites that allows you to download it in pdf you’ll need to sign up and pay a bit too. So , I guess the best thing is to save up a bit then buy the book. It’s worth to buy such books , especially the 3rd one , Unforgettable characters. It’s truly drawn by a professional.Or.. unless you can find someone kind enough that owns the book and is willing to scan it online.

Learning to Draw Manga online.

does anyone know some good websites that teach you how to draw manga characters online free??my local library has terrible books and i’m not willing to buy one (bit of a cheap skate >.<)thanks

Try polykarbon and online manga university. They have some good tutorials to help out beginners. Also, if you search around the interent, you can find “free” ebooks that can teach you how to draw. For example, type in “how to draw manga.pdf” and something might come up.

Where can I get all the “How To Draw Manga” books.

I am going to start drawing a my own Manga and i need all the volumes of the books “How To Draw Manga”I have:-Compiling Characters-Compiling Techniques-Compiling Application and Practice-Dressing Your Characters In Casual Wear-Giant Robots-Bishoujo Around the World-Illustrating…

look you can attempt to learn on your own all you want but the fact of the matter is that if you want to become a better artist you will need to get some external assistance. I personally refer the gnomon workshop. They have the best tutorials you will find anywhere and they have well over 200 titles in their library. You can learn anything from their dvds! they also have a subscription service that will give you access to everything! It costs a bit for to be honest you’re following nothing but industry professionals so it’s well worth it! Guys who worked on star wars, star trek, transformers, pirates of the carribean, blade runner, ect. This is your best bet 🙂

how can you help me get How To Draw Manga Sketching Manga-Style Volume 1 Sketching As Composition Planning.

please someone help!!!!!iv been looking for How To Draw Manga Sketching Manga-Style Volumes downloads in englishplease show me torrents or a pdf or somethingpaying for them is not a optionim poorplease help i think this book will really help me !!!!!!!

I think would be a great site for you. There you can trade the books you no longer want for new ones, by searching for them and adding them to a wishlist, where you can mooch them from people who have them listed. I believe there are manga books available there, and it works on a points system. You may want to check it out.If you can’t find this book anywhere, there are some great videos on youtube of how to draw manga. I suggest looking up the user Mark Crilley.If neither of these work for you, the library is always an option.I hope you find your book!

How can I get all the ebooks or pdf documents “How to Draw Manga”.

I want to learn how to draw manga, and I recommend the book How to draw manga. The problem is that for every book that is expensive and would have neither the first to buy.Then they told me I could download by Ares, but I could not get them all, Just the first 4 of 42 in total!So I ask you to please help…

Go to http://www.projectw.orgRegister for an account, then do a search for it and make sure to search in the E-books & Tutorials forum.There should be some in the results.

Manga help…………….

Hey, guys. I am planning to make a manga series, and I need some help. So here is a list of things I need to know.1) What is the best website to learn how to draw manga characters, background, vehicles, etc?2) How to spread the word about it? Should I use Google Adwords, forums, Tumblr or something?…

1) books by Chris Heart are really good for learning how to draw manga. You’ll have to buy them or get them free from the library. I think if you found a website to teach you you would have to pay.2) Forums, tumblr, go to conventions and tell people about it.3) PDF sound good to me.have fun!

Where can I read How To Draw Manga Books Online.

I was wondering if anyone knew a site where I could either download the pdf of the books or view the pages online somehow.Im referring to any of these to Draw Manga Vol. 15: Girls’ Life Illustration File (May 2003)# How to Draw Manga…

Here are some great PDF Search Engine, just take it for reference and hope that help:D…

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