How Much Do College Books Cost

How much do college textbooks cost.

I know it varies, but I was wondering approximately how much used or new ones can range from. Mainly basics such as, Pre Algebra, History, Writing, Intro to Computers etc.

how much do college schoolbooks cost.

they can cost anywhere from$5 dollars to $250 dollars. The trick is to find somewhere you can get them cheap. Once you have registered for classes, find out your book list. The first place I would look is the internet. if you type in buy college textbooks in any search engine, you’ll get over 20 sites that will sell it to you. There should also be a place where students sell their old books on campus. the trick is to sell the books back for as much as you can get. The same things works for textbook buy backs too. Spiritual books for free

How much do these colleges cost.

University of California, BerkeleyUniversity of California, Los AngelesBrown UniversityUniversity of Southern CaliforniaWhich college would you recommend?

Keep in mind that costs are different for residents and non-residents. Also different are undergraduate vs. graduate level fees. Every college has a website which includes the information about tuition and fees. You will also have living expenses and books/supplies to consider.UC Berkeley…UCLA…USC (Private college, not part of the CSU or UC system)…Brown sites like Collegeboard and Peterson’s would be a good idea.’t forget that your local library can help (both in person and through chat services)Examples of chat services: a library near you on the web and try opening a chat.

How much does college cost.

on average how much will it cost to complete college?My dad left when I was 3 and I havnt seen him since and my moms not in a position to help financially she is still paying the mortgage and supporting me and my brother and sister (both 10) I have been working nights since i was 14 & 9 months old and am now…

It depends on so many factors…trust me. Factors include, the type of school (private, public, technical), the program you are applying to, the prestige of the school, etc.But in general, 10,000 is not close to what you need to complete a simple 4-year undergraduate degree. That would the pay the tuition for maybe a semester/or one and 1/2 quarters.Don’t forget you have to pay for transportation, personal expenses (food), books, and other fees.The average cost of a bachelor’s degree is $25,143 per year at a private college and $6,585 at a public college or university, according to the 2008-09 reports released by the College Board.That means it cost an average of 100,000 for private and 28,000 at a public in 4-years.But also, keep in mind, you can apply for Financial Aid, Called FAFSA. PLEASE check it out. research more about it. Because you can be eligible for grants, scholarships, work-study, and of course, loans. So the cost of school, can dramatically drop down depending on how eligible you are. Plus, you can make school cheaper by working hard and finishing the degree in 3 years.Secondly, if you are talking about a community college, then it would also be much cheaper. It’s a 2 year college and it costs much less. You come out with an associates degree.About 56 percent of students pay less than $9,000 in tuition and fees per year, the board found, while only 9 percent pay more than $33,000. These averages do not include room and board. So make sure to check out FAFSA because that’s how students pay less for school. Good luck and don’t forget to check out FAFSA!

How much does college usually cost.

cost of college depends on a lot of things.1. What type of college you’re going to:Community colleges will be the cheapest, followed by public universities and then private universities. Ivy league schools will be the most.2. What part of the country they’re in. Colleges in smaller communities, even if they are four year schools will have cheaper tuition. Colleges in large cities like NY, and LA and other places that have very high cost of living will be more as well then colleges in the midwest.3. What type of degree you’re planning to get. Obviously, the longer you’re in school the more it’ll cost. But, even in the same school, some degrees will cost more because they have more fees associated with them. Engineering and science classes often cost more then english classes. You also have to factor in how many and what types of books you have to buy. A class that requires two large text books ends up being more expensive than a lit class that has paperback literature books required.4. What type of student you are. If you end up changing your major a lot of have to retake several classes then college will cost more for you then another student.5. You also have to factor in living expenses, which goes back to your area of the country. California has a very high cost of living so going to school out there will cost more than going to school in kansas even if you end up paying identical tuition.

How Much Does College Cost.

How Much Does College Cost.I want to go to a 4-year Private collage is NYC.I would LIke to know how much would it cost me to go?I live in NYC

College cost varies. Private colleges are more than state colleges. Going to a state college in the state you live in will be less than going to a state college in another state. -this is in state tuition and out of state tuition. Not all NY private colleges are going to have the same tuition price. You will have to look at the ones you are interested in.all colleges will have their tuition price on their web site. Be sure to check room and board too. This is your dorm and meal plan fee.You will still have book fees. Which can run $500-$1000 per semester.

How much do college books usually cost…

I know it is cheaper to buy used books, and also wiser, because they usually have notes in them….I am about to start college, and I am taking 18 credit hours, it is gonna be like 6 or 7 classes…….I was wonderin if I buy all NEW books (which I won’t) how much will it cost??? APPROXIMATLEY!! Do you think…

Oh yeah. It also depends on your major too. Some majors don’t use nearly as many text books as others. I’m in my 4th year and every semester I spend about $600 on book, new and used (sometimes my bookstore does not have used and my professors get pushy about getting the books.) Oh, and I’m a English major. My dad was a business major and he said each of those books were like $100 each…Hope this helps a little.Oh and if you can get the name AND editions of the books you’ll be needing, online is a great way to go.

How much does college cost.

How much does it cost to attend a 4-year private college? (an estimate/average) Please include tuition, books, room and board, spending money, and anything else students might need money for and their costs. Thank you so much!

There is a tremendous range in college cost. You may want to start with “community college” get your AS degree at a lesser cost and then continue toward BS/BA degree. The cost of books also varies. Your can buy used through college bookstores and even on-line to save on costs.Our local community college is about $4,000. (all inclusive) per year while the college that my daughter attended was $36,000 per year (Including board.) Books were in the hundreds each semester.Do your research. Be sure to visit too! There are also degree vs.certificate programs.

how much does college cost.

how much would it cost for me to go back to college

It depends on the college you go to. Community colleges are by far the cheapest option. Mines costs $350 per CLASS, including fees.If you are still worried about costs, try doing one of the following:1) attend part-time. That way it is easier to work and go to school. Plus you have more time for studying2) if you want to go full time, please don’t go over 12 credit hours. There is just no reason to3) borrow textbooks from library or classmates. The only books that you need to buy are computer or math courses4) get a (extra) summer job to manage paying for college when you don’t have to go to school

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