How Much Are Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Books

How can I write a good book in diary/journal format.

Normally, I love to read books in diary format, such as “Dear Dumb Diary,” “Dork Diaries,” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” They’re hilarious, down-to-earth, and I can relate to them. I’ve read them so much that it has inspired me to write my own series. I haven’t started yet or…

Well you start by getting a book that you don’t mind writing in, next you put the date and the day at the top of the page, next write about what happened that day that was interesting, then keep writing for as long as you want or you could just make up a diary story like Jeff Kinney did with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you are still confused maybe try reading diary of a wimpy kid it might help you.

Is A Diary A good topic for a book or not.

If not;any other things my niece could do on a book?and how would you set it out?

A diary could go either very well or very wrong. Right now, it’s a quite cliche topic for books (ie. diary of a wimpy kid) However, if the diray is filled with extraordinary circumstances as opposed to normal everyday stories, a diary would be a good idea. to set out said diary, i’d make each entry about a page long, add in lots of little illustrations and use font that looks like a person’s actual handwriting. This will definately give the diary a much more authentic look 🙂 good luck to your niece!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules summary help..

I have to find a summary (a summary, not for its price) for this book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Does anyone have any websites for full, documentated summaries for this book? Or do you have any summaries of your own? If you do, reply ASAP!! I need this for tomorrow!

how about this….Gregory Heffley Is the main character and owner of the diary. He is the “wimpy kid.” Greg is sometimes selfish, ignorant, and vain. Greg is also thinking up scams from time to time. Greg takes advantage of his, rather dim-witted and naive, friend Rowley Jefferson. Greg will also let Rowley take the blame for something he did. Greg is not very athletic, much to his father’s disappointment. Greg also tried to explain to his father that you can a play football, baseball, basketball, and other sports on his game system without “getting all sweaty and stuff” after his father told him to play outside. Greg also has a huge dislike for a comic called “L’il Cutie,” which is described by Greg as the lamest comic ever. Greg’s father seems to agree with him. Greg’s older brother, Rodrick, buys him a book, The Best Of L’il Cutie, every Christmas since he knows Greg hates the comic. Greg’s life, as he describes it, is the lamest life a 7th grader could live. His birthday is February 23.Rodrick Heffley is Greg’s older brother. Rodrick loves heavy metal music and has a band called “Loaded Diaper” but on his van it says “Löded Diper”. Rodrick loves to pick on Greg, humiliate Greg, and make Greg miserable. Rodrick is one of the few characters who has eyebrows. Rodrick also has a liking for shrunken heads.Manny Heffley is Greg’s younger brother, who calls Greg “Bubby.” Manny is also very small and has an overbite. Manny has an art for getting away with anything because he is the smallest, the “baby” and because he can use his cute looks to get out of trouble, although Frank and Ann probably wouldn’t ground Manny for anything. Greg also says that Manny is an excellent climber and sneak, displayed in a scene in which Manny gets to the top of Greg’s closet, picks the lock from Greg’s possession box and stuffs his Walkman with brownies. Manny is fond of drawing, candy, and getting Greg into trouble. Most of the reason that he angers Greg is that he gets more rights than Greg used to have at Manny’s age (five), for instance bring his “playing gear” to church so that Manny will be comfortable. When Greg complains about Manny’s mischief, he responds, “I’m ownwy fiiive!”Ann Heffley (Susan Heffley in the book version) Ann is Greg’s mother. Ann is a middle class mom who is caring, but sometimes overcaring. Ann is a good mom and wife, but sometimes embarreses her children/husband, but is nearly always cheery and accepting. She also likes to call Greg “Honeybunches,” which usually embarrasses Greg. The fact that she never removes her glasses bears a resemblance to June Drabble, another cartoon character. Greg calls Ann “Mom” whenever he writes about her in his diary. Greg often shows evidence that Ann doesn’t understand kids at Greg’s age.Frank Heffley is Greg’s father. Frank likes sports, reading and “building character.” Frank hates video games, rock and roll, and Bill. Frank likes doing outdoor projects and weight lifting and many other “manly things.” Frank also encourages Rodrick, Greg, and Manny to do “manly stuff” with him, especially since Greg was younger and Frank tried to encourage him to work out so he could have big muscles, only to have Greg respond with, “Muscles are GROSS!” Frank also has a habit of doing stuff for other people if they don’t do things right, much to Rodrick’s pleasure, especially since he “plays dumb” with his homework. Frank also had a cat, which his father told him ran away to a Butterfly Farm and was very, very happy, although in reality the cat froze like a popcicle on the front porch (in winter) because Frank’s dad forgot to let him in. Years later when Frank’s dad came over for a family visit in the winter, he told Frank the truth, since he said he and Frank could probably laugh about it by now, but Frank threw his dad out of the house without giving him his jacket. Frank also has extremely high cholesterol but is a chocolate addict and his favorite hobby is creating his Civil War diorama, moving around the plastic soldiers to make it as accurate as possible, painting new guns, constructing the background or the battlefield, etc. He keeps the diorama locked in a workroom in the basement and only ever let Greg get inside a couple of times when he showed him the “latest improvements”. Frank never really lets anyone see the diorama, and Greg caught him telling Manny about a “monster” in the workroom to make sure that Manny stay away from that part of the basement. Greg calls Frank “Dad” whenever he writes about him. Frank has nightmares about Rowley being a klutz and bouncing on a trampoline only to land on the diorama. Because of this, whenever Rowley visits Frank’s house, he gets the same greeting by Frank: “The basement is off-limits.”Rowley Jefferson is Greg’s best friend who usually helps with Greg with his schemes. Rowley is dim-witted and naive. He is also “slightly overweight.”Fregly is Greg’s neighbor, and an all-around strange boy. Fregley also has a “secret freckle.” Fregley also has a liking for stuffing dirt in his ears and beating kites with a stick. Also likes hanging out on his front lawn. He also likes wrestling, playing twister, chasing people around with a booger on his finger, and speaking in a made up language. Fregley also is not allowed to have sugar, because he gets “crazy.”Bill is one of Rodrick’s friends who plays (and made the title) in Rodrick’s band “Löded Diper.” (He actually thinks “Loaded Diaper” is spelled like the band name) Bill is much older than Rodrick and has the look of a surfer. Frank has a big dislike for Bill,and doesn’t like him hanging around with Rodrick because he doesn’t want Rodrick to get any ideas. Bill lives in his parents’ basement, and is about 35 years old. He doesn’t have a real job and eventually helps Greg with the Bishop Garrigan problem.Chirag Gupta is a boy who supposedly moves away to California but at the last minute his father decides not to take the job in California and Chirag stays. He is the victim of a stupid practical prank (the “invisible Chirag Gag) that takes the length of literally five months until Greg, the ringleader gets in trouble and somehow becomes Chirag’s friend.Piper Piper doesn’t go to Greg’s school, only to his church. Greg loves her, even though she barely notices him. Piper goes to a school called St. Peters and so does Gregs old best friend Ben.Gramma is Ann’s mother. Gramma is retired and is very much like her daughter, but Ann is sometimes overpowered by her.Grampa is Frank’s father. Grampa also had a “lady-friend.” Ann does not like her too much. Grampa also is responsible for the death of Frank’s childhood cat, since he froze to death on the front porch in winter because he forgot to let him in. Granpa told Frank that his cat ran away to a Butterfly Farm and was very, very happy. Years later, when Grampa came over for a family visit in the winter he told Frank what really happened since he figured that Frank could laugh about it by now. Frank responded by throwing him out of the house without giving him his jacket.[edit] PlotGreg Heffley and his friend Rowley are “undersized weaklings” in their school, hoping simply to just survive, but when Rowley’s fame starts to grow, Greg must take drastic measures to save their friendship. Greg is also having trouble at home, especially since his dad says he might have to send Greg to military school if Greg doesn’t “toughen up,” and to make matters worse, Greg’s big brother picks on him.[edit] Ann’s IdeasCultural significance in Greg’s life is his Mom’s art of coming up with systems of discipline.[edit] The Swear JarFive-year-old Manny wants to be educated well by Mom, and Mom does not want Manny to be exposed to “swear words” and “cuss words.” So she develops the “Swear Jar.” Whenever she catches Greg, Rodrick, and even his Dad swearing, especially around Manny, they have to pay the Swear Jar–literally. And this is the catch: Manny gets to keep all the money in the Swear Jar for himself! In the web version, Greg says “Explain the logic of THAT one to me.” about Manny getting the money.[edit] Mom BucksMom cracks up about how Greg and Rodrick always complain that they do not have enough spending money. Mom Bucks is a system in which they earn play money by doing extra chores and they can cash it in for real money, each worth one cent(to Greg’s dismay), or getting out of doing chores. The end of Mom Bucks takes place when Greg “borrows” all the play money from his friend’s board game set and uses it as Mom Bucks, and Mom never notices, until Greg is unprepared for an assignment that was given to Rodrick several years back by the same teacher. Greg wants to use Rodrick’s assignment but Rodrick is charging twenty thousand Mom Bucks for it, so Greg gives him the Mom Bucks and then Rodrick tries to cash it all in at the same time for a used motorcycle and Mom knew something was fishy because she never put more than a thousand Mom Bucks into a circulation at one time, so she finds out about Greg’s stash of Mom Bucks and that’s when Mom Bucks is officially over.[edit] Addiction to Video GamesA major cultural significance in Greg’s life is video games. He enjoys many types of video games; the book mentions that he’s totally addicted to a series of video games called “Twisted Wizard.” The book also mentions that he played a racing game called &quot

How much books did Jeff Kinney Write.

Diary of a Wimpy KidDiary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules

jeff kinney wrote only 2 books and the books are diary of the wimpy kid and diary of the wimpy kid:rodrick rules theres a third one comming out and its going to be diary of the wimpy kid:the last straw

How old is Rodrick in the book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

i just wanted to know how old Rodrick is in the actual book series, and possibly the movie too. I know the actor is Devon Bostick and he’s 19 years old. But i dont think he’s 19 in the book or movie because it seems a bit too old, and the way he treats his younger brother Greg would be suggestive at that…

Rodrick is around 16, 17, 18 in the books.

Diary of a Wimpy kid book questions please answer.

Ok so in the first book isn’t Greg in 6th grade? and in the second book isn’t Greg in 7th grade? in the third book isn’t Greg in 8th grade? and I just bought the 4th book yesterday Dog Days is Greg in high school now? what is the 4th book Dog Days about? is it the funniest one out of all of them?…

In the first book, Greg is in 7th grade. In Rodrick Rules, he is in 7th grade still, but it just tells about the first half of it. So the first one is pretty much just a long summary of the entire year. In Book Three, Greg is in still in 7th Grade, but its just the other half of the year-it starts on New Year’s Eve.You see, the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series was originally on FunBrain. A website for kids and adults where they can learn. Then, because the series was so popular, it was turned into a book series.Book 5 comes out sometime in 2010. I would guess about mid-June or early-July. It is the last book.Dog Days is about Greg’s worst summer ever. It’s also about how Greg had been begging for years to get a dog. And when he does, he doesn’t like it because it sleeps in Greg’s bed. I’m not going to tell you the ending though.I haven’t read Dog Days yet, so I can’t tell you whether its the funniest or not. But, it must be because of the plot.EDIT: The movie is set to release on April 2, 2010.

how many diary of a wimpy kid movies are left.

i love their movies and am hoping there is more. i saw all 3 of them so far. but is there anything besides that? thanks! much points to the best answer too :)-alexi

There are 2 more books with a 3rd set to be released this Nov. So there could be as many as 3 more movies coming at this time.

How can i convince my mom to order the last straw diary of a wimpy kid book online.

I really want to get it! I LOVE THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… plz help me i wanna convince my mom to get it online! what should i do?

A Dialogue Between You and MotherYou: Hi mom! Hey, did you do something new with your hair/outfit/makeup today? It looks great!Mom: Oh, thank you [Insert name here] honey. How was school?You: Well, I heard about this great new book that came out. It’s called Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw. All the kids and even the teachers have ordered it online. They say it’s great!Mom: I’m glad you’re taking an interest in literature.You: Can we go online to order it? I’ll even [Choose one]a. Help you around the house much more oftenb.Babysit for younger sibling for freec. Consider not running away from home (Don’t choose this)Mom: Okay honey.You: Thanks Mom!

how old is greg huffley from diary of a wimpy kid.

anddd how old are the otherr characters in diaryy of a wimpy kidd? i was jst curiouss loll

Greg- In the first book he is just starting Middle School so he is probably 12.Rowely- I’m guessing same age as GregRodrick- Maybe 16 or 17?I’m sorry I can’t think of the ages of any other characters, the ages aren’t mentioned very much throughout the book itself.

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