How To Remove Books From Kindle Cloud

How do I permanently delete books from Kindle App for iPhone.

I bought free ebooks from amazon and some were pretty junky and I want to delete them for good. They are archived right now.

The book is still in the cloud of your amazon account, in archive. You get to remove it in your “Manage Your Kindle” page on amazon. Here you can find a detailed discussion about this:…Hope it helps.

Help with my Kindle Fire.

How do you delete a book from the Kindle Fire Cloud? I bought a free book, but I want it removes from my kindle completely.

On the computer, go to and on the left hand bar it will say manage kindle and find the item you want and their will be an arrow and push delete from cloud!

Horse books for free

How do you delete books on the Kindle Fire HD.

Does anyone know how to delete books from the Kindle Fire HD?

Here are the steps:1. On the top navigation bar, choose “Books”, then select “Device”2. Tap and hold the book you plan to delete, for a few seconds3. You’ll see an option “Remove from Device”. Tap on it and the book will be removed from your Kindle Fire HD. It’ll remain in cloud as archived book, so you can download to your Kindle Fire HD later.To remove the book permanently from cloud drive, see here:…So you must go to Manage Your Kindle on Amazon site to have your book permanently deleted. But you won’t be able to re-download it later.Hope this helps.

Does any one know how to delete a e-book from Kindle fire.

Want to delete books already read.

Hello Susie,To delete a content from your Kindle Fire, please follow these steps:From the Device tab in your Books content library, press and hold the title you want to delete, then tap Remove from Device.Note: This will remove the title from Device tab, however it can still be accessed from the Cloud tab.If you would like to remove the title completely from your device, you will have to delete the content permanently from your account.To permanently remove a Kindle content:Log in to your amazon account, go to Manage Your Kindle, click on Books, Select the book you want to remove, select the delete option, confirm with a YES and it will delete from your account.Warning: Once the Kindle content is deleted from the account, it can not be accessed again. If you want to read it again, you will have to re-purchase it.However, if the content still appears on your Kindle Fire, please restart you Kindle or use the sync.Hope this helps.

can you remove books from the cloud on a kindle fire.

And if so how? There are some books I want to completely remove but idk how.

Yes, your books can be removed from the cloud. BUT you have to do it at Go to “Manage My Kindle” under your account. There’s a drop down menu beside each book with several options. That’s where you can remove books permanently. Just remember, should you ever want the book again, you’ll have to purchase it a second time.

How remove a book from Kindle on PC.

i bought 4 free book on amazon but no longer want then. The delete function doesnt do anything… the image is still there (ready for re-download). I deleted it off which removed 2 of the 4 books. How are you suppose to delete them permanently?

There are two ways to remove a Kindle book:1. On Kindle device or Kindle on PC apps, you can’t remove book permanently. Those removed books still appear on your Amazon cloud for you to download later.2. To remove a Kindle book permanently, You need to go to your Amazon account to remove the book.Here you can find the two different ways of removing Kindle books:

how do I remove books from cloud on my Kindle.

I just got the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch 2nd Gen and I have a book on my cloud that I do not want on there. I deleted it from the manage my Kindle section of and also deleted it from my other Kindle device that I had originally download it too but it is still on my cloud?

The fact you deleted twice from other devices than the cloud suggests to me you haven’t properly enabled the sync feature:…If this is enabled, the first time you deleted the file it should have been synchronized across all devices and cloud. I’ve found the Kindle tech support and the Kindle forums pretty helpful, and if this isn’t the problem you should likely direct your search there.

How can i remove apps ànd books from the cloud. my kindle.

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First, scroll down to the book or application you wish to archive (aka delete). On your 5 way controller, click with your fingernail the right hand square edge and it will take you to a page that says at the top the name of the book, app or game you wish to delete. Scroll to bottom of page and select “Remove from device.” This inactivates the app or game.If you accidentally delete something you wish to have back, make sure you are in an active wifi zone/3G area, as it is required for downloading.Now, you are ready for action! Enjoy!PS At the selection to delete is in your library. Mouse over arrow to see your choices. You will need to use your USB cable. Simply connect to USB port and then to your Kindle. Apps download in seconds.

how to delete books from the kindle cloud reader.

I don’t want to delete the entire application just a few books. Can this be done & how?thanks.

Select the book with your mouse button then click on it again with the right side of the mouse button. You will find the option to remove from device on the menu.Click that.You haven’t really deleted the book though. Amazon still has it as the list of books that you have purchased. And you can go to your account and reinstall it at any time.You will also have a list of archived items for any book you delete. From there you can reinstall.

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