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How to publish a book.

I’ve been writing novels, short stories, and poems since I was 13. I’m 17 now and have the final drafts of one of my novels. So, my question how do I publish it?

Your best bet is try and get a literary agent. A lot of publishers nowadays won’t even look at manuscripts that haven’t been submitted via an agent. Get a copy of the Writers Market and start doing research into which agents represent your genre. Each agency has individual submission guidelines and you need to make sure you follow them – for example, don’t send a fantasy epic to an agent that only handles chick lit, don’t send a full manuscript if they only ask for the first three chapters.Spend time crafting your query letter – this is the thing that catches an agent’s interest and makes them want to read the books. – this site is very useful when it comes to helping you with your query letter.If an agent likes your submission they may offer you representation. This means they will work with you to polish your manuscript then they will pitch it to publishers on your behalf and try to negotiate the best financial deal. They’ll also handle things like foreign rights, audio deals etcIf a publisher is interested they will offer a small advance, usually in the region of $2,000 – $5,000. Once you have earned back this advance through book sales, you start earning royalties.Always remember – you do not pay a publisher or an agent. Anyone that asks for money is a scam or a vanity press. Publishers pay authors, and an agent’s salary comes from a small cut of book sales.

(how to be a millionaire) books recommendations.

i almost finished the millionaire next doorbut i wanna read morei’m still17 and really wanna learn from those kind of booksthere are A LOT of (how to be a millionaire) books on amazonbut how can i choose one i dont wanna choose randomly although most of them are good and you really learned from

Generally speaking, stay away from books that promise big returns on some fancy type of investment, and stick to books that teach money principles so that you are better equip to make wise decisions.I’m currently listening to the millionaire next door audio book in my car (well, not currently, but I mean since a few days ago, that’s what I have on the radio when I drive somewhere). I’m only a few chapters in, but I love it.I recommend The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. He’s a radio host who does a talk radio show about money. His basic financial principles are to avoid debt, invest, pay cash for everything, etc. In fact, one of the slogans on his show is “We give you the same financial advice your grandmother would give you, except we keep our teeth in.” You should find out if his show is broadcast in your area. Check out his website: Ramsey has a great resource on his website with a long list of books he recommends. Of course his goal is to get you to buy the books from his website, but I’ve found you can get most of the books at the library or at a huge discount by buying used ones online. Here’s the link: of the other books about money, millionaires, etc that I’ve enjoyed are:Rich Dad, Poor Dad – the author had a normal middle class dad, and another father figure who was a billionaire who taught him everything about money, he contrasts the difference between accepted middle class ideas and the principles held by the wealthy.The 16% solution: a short easy read about how to invest in real estate tax liens and safely get average returns of about 16%.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – I haven’t read this one yet, but its on my list. Its not directly about money, but about the charicteristics that should be part of your everyday life if you want to be sucessful at everything, which includes building wealth.Remember, the biggest keys to building wealth are to live below your means, invest wisely, and start young. Even just a few hundred dollars per year in a ROTH IRA while you’re young can grow astronomically by the time you reach retirement age. Free urban books app

Where can I get Audio Books.(ebooks).

Ok so I would like to know if anyone knows where you can get free audio ebooks.Thanks

Forget that person. Anyone who can get anything for free will. I hate going to the library. I want to be able to keep the books longer than like 5 days. I like to be able to read at my own pace.anyway I can’t find one for shadow children except for “among the free”Its not free though I don’t think they have it free anywhere. Though I think you can buy the entire series paperback for like $18.99 so its not bad. Or you might be able to get it on ebay cheaper.There’s you can download audio books/games/music..etc all for freeYou just make an account its free. Here’s how to use torrents if you don’t know how. Its really easy just use frostwire to download it, and I have a zip program for the files. Works great.

Does How To Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter really work.

Hello everyone,Is anyone here familiar with the guide How To Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter?I think to buy this manual soon but I am not sure about the quality of it so I am looking for some feedback from people who bought Alex Carter’s book and can tell me what they think about it.If anyone of…

Hi Linda,I recently received an email about the book from a friend of mine and the first review of the book I read was from I went ahead to purchase the book after reading their review and how the book will teach you how to make any man beg for your attention which was the catching phrase that got me hooked. I just too tired of having to do all the loving and not getting any in return.Well back to your question, I have read it and I was disappointed, the book has much tips, and also comes with an audio version which was cool for me because I dislike reading, I prefer to listen to an audio book than read a book. I also got extra bonus ebook from for buying the book through their recommendation. So overall it was really worth my money. I hope this helps.

Does anyone know some books about business.

Explaining business or how to make money books (not get rich quick cons) I just want something to further my knowledge beyond the apprentice and dragons den lol anyway thanks for readingebooks or internet books is preferable

look up “rich dad poor dad” by robert t. kiyosakithe richest man in babylon george s. clasonsecrets of the millionaire mind t. harv eckerall books or u can get them on audio book which i think all of them have

What are the best books out there for learning how to make money with real estate.

I just finished reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and listening to almost all of his audio books. I’m now wondering what the best books are for me to learn to actually make my money work for me using real estate? His books don’t seem to really give a lot of the technical information on what…

Nothing you see on infomercials, all crap. Call the most succesful realtor in your town and ask him

how can i download and read a free audiobook, what site….

i want to read a good up to date book

Authors write books to make a living. It also costs money to rent a sound studio and hire an actor to read the book. It doesn’t make sense for an author to pay these expenses and give the book away for free.I suggest you check to see if your public library bought the audio book and you could then listen to it. Or use Itunes.

could u read books online. how.

if u could read a book online please tell me where to go. thank you!

Many books are at , mostly classics, all out from under copyright. This site costs money for membership.They have an easy-to-read font though, and often side-by-side text for works hard for some to understand. also has tens of thousands of all kinds of books no longer under copyright for readers, and is also free, though unless they’ve improved it, I found the font a bit difficult to read for longer novels. It’s a great and extremely varied site, though. And legal…You can also call the reference librarian at your local library (they have more time and info to give) and ask about downloading books to read online against your library card. Ask what kinds they (may) have available, how much it costs and how it’s done.You may get more links, but suggest you check them out thoroughly to be sure you’re getting what you want, legally.For instance, you can get eBook at…hmm…I see ebooks “just launched an ‘eb20’ application you can download to read some books online, with more coming” from them…check it out; see if it’s legal……and audio books at…where you can also get ebooks, but read the “ebook guide” to see if your computer (or phone) has the apps to use it……Check both places above to see the prices, if any; check legality…… is very inexpensive……and if you have a Kindle – a good buy now – Amazon is unbeatable for ‘inexpensive.’ADD: I got a disapproving thumbs down. From you or another?Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear……ANY site that offers “free and current” online books… (which you do not ask for – but if it’s your hope, you won’t find it here) …those under copyright… is illegal….Very much Against The Law…It can (and does) cost the user up to $150,000 to use, plus jail time.Is that clear? It’s very true and must be considered at all times.End ADD

How fast can 3 ebooks make money.

Guys!!!I need to travel to the US this summer, So I’m working to earn’s a long storyI am writing ebooks … Do you think I might be able to make money from selling them ??They are fiction booksAnd also, how fast can a musical band make money??? If it’s fast I need an audio editor…

Nowadays, people don’t have much time to read books, so it’s better if you convert your books into mp3 for people to hear. As the text to mp3 software, I recommend TTSUU, TTSUU (Text to Speech Universal Utility) is a Text to Speech software that converts any text into natural-sounding speech. It reads any text for you. You can also convert the text material into WAV or MP3 audio files with this tool, so that the resulting MP3 can be played on many other devices such as iPods, PocketPCs and CD players etc. And TTSUU can even generate lyrics for you when converting text material into audios. When playing the audio, those devices with the lyrics capability, will display the original text, and therefore it will be possible for you to not only hear the text material but also get a look at the content through the display. The interface of TTSUU is very simple and intuitive, the two pillars in the interface serve as the area where you can add sticky notes that highlight points in the text content. You can pick off any interesting and salient parts of the text from any electronic documents such as MS Word Documents, Emails, Web Pages, PDF Files, etc and copy into these notes, and these can be colored to draw your attention easily.

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