How To Play Electric Guitar Books

How to play the electric guitar.

I just got an electric guitar yesterday, and I want to learn the basics like chords or tabs..I’m going to get a teacher soon, but I just want to try out chords and stuff.Are there any good youtube videos that could help me?

Hi, On eBay i am selling my beginner books and a dvd that helped me a lot when i started playing guitar.the books show how to play the bacic chords and strumming patterns.heres the link if your interested :

Teaching myself how to play guitar, Any book recommendations.

Just to learn the basics a bit so that i can prepare myself for the lessons. I’m looking for something that starts off simple and then advances.I know I should take lessons, and I will if I can’t figure it out. Lol.Please don’t tell me (:.What book did you use to teach yourself how to play…

Hello there,Until you take lessons, you can study this series of video lessons. They are not a substitute for private instruction. But these lessons show the very basics of playing the guitar. This guy has a series of 12 lessons at Youtube. You can ignore where he says he will send them to you. They are all on Youtube now. He uses an electric, but the material applies to an acoustic as well. The is a part about distortion that will not apply, but as I recall the rest should all apply to the acoustic. He does cover the basic pretty well.…I do not think he covers finger picking. That is an important technique for the acoustic. However, that technique is best left to your instructor to help you with.What did I use to learn? I learned the hard way. I started playing in 1957. Back then where I grew up, there was no one who taught rock guitar. So lessons were not an option. I learned by listening to records and watching people play on tv. I played with others every chance I got and got tips and advice from them. I beleive they taught me every bad habit possible. It took me learns to get straightened out. I do not recommend that approach to anyone else. Unlearning bad habits and improper technique is very difficult. The more you practice with improper technique and the longer you play with bad habits, the harder it becomes to unlearn them.Later, Free photo books

How do I learn how to play an electric guitar.

I want to learn how to play an electric guitar as my side hobby, but don’t know where to start. I know that there are different kinds of guitars and that each kind has its own special characteristic, therefor I chose electric.Where do I need to go to learn which notes are located where on the guitar? And what…

Well if you want electric, get a Squier Special Strat from Musician’s Friend. It’s a nice guitar for the money (about 200), plus it comes with an amp , cable, strap, stand, tuner, picks, and gig bag. I own one and I’ve never had a problem. Plus it’s available in a nice three-tone sunburst.Check it out: learned to play with a cheap chord book that can be found at any music store. I just learned my major chords. (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) That took about a week. Then I taught myself some easy songs using tablature i got off of (smoke on the water, ironman, cat scratch fever). Before you try to get tabs though, go to this site: I helped you out. Good luck and don’t get discouraged. if u just keep at it eventually you’ll break through trust me

Any advice about learning how to play the electric guitar.

In my opinion if I was you, I’d get an acoustic guitar first. You have to crawl before you walk. You can practice without an amp, and you can work on learning your chords without disturbing others. You can go to a music store….and get a beginner guitar book. I recommend one by Mel Bay. It explains everything from learning how to tune your guitar, then explains and shows you how to start fingering the chords. Start there and buy you an electric tuner. Now understand that you won’t learn how to play guitar over night and you’re going to have to develop callouses on your fingers. So think of this……the more you practice, the better you’ll be, then the better you are, the more you’ll want to practice. And the more you practice, the more your ear will develop. Eventually you’ll be able to play songs by ear. So, practice, practice, practice. If you put lots of effort into it, you’d be surprised how far you’ve advanced by this time next year. Best of luck to you.

How long does it take to learn how to play electric guitar.

I heard if you know how to play on instrument you can play any. Well I know how to play the Alto Saxophone, Tenner Sax, and Clarinet. I now want to learn how to play the electric guitar. How long will it take me?

Just because because you play an instrument does not mean you will be able to play instantly, however, it will be easier to learn. I recently started to play electric guitar and I am teaching myself. It didn’t take me very long (a few days to a week) to learn how to play really basic pop songs with really basic chord progressions, however now that I am progressing into harder songs, it obviously takes slightly longer. If you want to be really good, I would recommend lessons, although they are not essential. A good ‘Teach yourself guitar’ book is very helpful, as it teaches you where to put your fingers and some basic chords and the notes on the strings.Hope this was helpful.

Trying to learn how to play the electric guitar.

My uncle just gave me his electric guitar and amp. I am trying to learn how to play the electric guitar. I am a newbie can you guitar gods give me any tips/pointers or a great website that help beginner guitar players??Please if your gonna give out some pointers explain the terms you use too I might not…

You have a couple options to learning the guitar “on your own”.BooksDVD’sOnline Lesson’sBooks are a great resource but with all the new technology out there why read when you can watch and see exactly how it’s done.DVD’s are the next best choice. Due to the new technology that has recently come out instructors can literally give you a private lesson right in the comfort of your own living room. You will see everything from close-ups of chord constructions to detailed explanations of rhythm techniques. From this perspective the benefits of guitar lessons on dvd are immensely valuable.The negatives are that you are limited to only the lessons given on the DVD. Usually there are no printed manual of exercises or lessons and you don’t have access to a “live” person if you need to ask questions or clarify something. And finally when you are finished and want to learn something new you have to go out an buy another DVD.Online lessons are my top choice. Online lessons give you all the benefits of lessons on DVD while virtually eliminating the disadvantages. With most you get all the lessons in book format in addition to all the audio and video lessons. Hundreds of lines of tabulature, and many bonuses like books or computer games developed to enhance your learning and to make it fun at the same time. And they also provide their students with the opportunity for free e-mail consultations to deal with any specific problems students may have. These online learning systems are designed to make the learning process for guitar students as simple and effective as possible. And it’s really fun and easy to use!So which one to choose, well there are thousands of free lesson all over the internet and on You Tube and I would advise you do a search and start with these before you spend your hard earned money. That is what I did when I first started learning. Only after I felt I needed more instruction and wanted to move ahead did I start spending money on Online Lessons.

how to learn to play electric guitar.

i just got an electric guitar and i want to learn how to play but i dont have monet for lessons. is there any place on the internet where i can learn notes and stuff of that sort? and what is tablature?

hey tab is a very easy thing 2 learnguitar tab is a meaning of notiating finger posistions by giving the # of the fret where the finger belongs. the numbers are placed on the line which corresponds to a string on the guitar. if there is a 0 it is a open stringexampleopen 1st string 2nd string5th fret1———0—————————…2————————-5———–…3————————————-…4————————————-… string, 6th fret5————————————-…6————————————-… string, 10th freton the internet really u need 2 know how 2 play before finding things on the internet. i recomend u by a new tune a day book or hal leonard, they are cheep , but really help, i learned with those books.(if u want hal leonard, u should try their beginning guitar superbook, if u think its too expensive try ebay

How to play the electric guitar.

I have a guitar and now its a dust collector. I had lesson before and right after the lessons were done I stopped playing and now i have all of these great music legends that inspire me to pick up my guitar again. Plus i need help with with everything about like notes,equipment, etc.

There’s a fantastic instruction DVD set that will teach you everything you’d learn from years of private lessons, but which costs about $40. It starts with the very basics, works into scales and tablature, and eventually into complicated soloing. I bought the set after having played for 20 years and can’t believe how much my playing has improved. And the advantage of DVDs over lessons is that you can work at your own pace and go back and review things as necessary. Here’s a link:http://books-videos-music.musiciansfrien…

electric guitar- Can anyone recommend book or website to learn how to play.

My son is 11 years old and he just got an electric guitar. I would need something simple for him because he has never played before. An instructional DVD would probably be even better.

Here is a site I found for you. check these sites out: have a grown son, but when he started I got lessons for him and paid about 15/20 dollars a lesson…. go to a music store and usually the guys that sell guitars are willing to give lessons for a lower price. Most are in bands themselves and need the extra cash, haven’t made it yet, and are playing around at local clubs. There are usually signs up on the bulletin boards in music stores………get him a cool older teen – twenties to teach him, one that knows what he is doing and your son will not lose interest and will excel at it. He will like someone younger and can relate better than to a real old teacher… Also teachers at a school are always looking for extra money. I rec. to you that you get a person to teach him, proper way to hold the guitar, chords, read music. rather than a DVD.. Be patient and let him play and play…. I really know what I am talking about, really. With time and practice he will make it – I know for sure!I wish you much luck and buy ear plugs for both of you.He needs to learn to read music brfore he learns tabulature…it will be quicker and easier for him.

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