How To Sell Your Books Back To Amazon

How much should I sell this book for.

My friend asked me if I could sell her back a precalc book, on amazon it costs (new) $150.How much should I sell it to her used?

No matter what you paid for it new, the used book stores will give you almost nothing for it. Maybe $10 or $20 dollars. I think you and your friend could both benefit if you sold it to her for half price. She would get the book for $75 and you would get $75 dollars. She would save money and you would get more than if you sold to the used bookstore.

How do you sell things on Amazon.

I still have my reading book from last semester of my summer classes Summer 1. I just want to how you sell them. I have an Amazon account. Also, do I have to pay them back?

Here is a link to more information on How to Sell onAmazon’s website. Check it out.

Free state books

How do you sell used college text books.

So I know this sounds really dumb, but how do you sell college text books online? I’d rather not put them on ebay. Most ideally I’d like them to be sold on but I’m not sure how to get them there. I can’t sell them back to the bookstore because I recently changed extensions and they…

You post them on Amazon and then send them directly to the seller. You’ll have to create an Amazon seller account. Then, after the person pays for the book, you have to wait about 30 days (to make sure they get it and don’t want to return it), then Amazon will pay you (through Amazon credit or they can deposit $ in your bank account).

does anyone sell things on

i have a huge collection of books and m thinking aout selling them on but what i want to know is how it works when you sell them. I know that the person pays and then amzon sends you the money to the checking account but how much do you actually get back from it and do i have to pay the shipping…

You pretty much have it right:1) You list a book on Amazon for no fee upfront2) Amazon adds a shipping credit to you to that price. The shipping credit may not cover the actual shipping cost3) When the book sells, Amazon puts the money in an on-line seller account minus the Amazon fee. NOTE: You have to click on a link to put the money in your checking account when the money gets put in your on-line seller account, otherwise Amazon will put the money in your checking account every 14 days.My experience:- Once you tell Amazon to put money in your checking account, it can take up to 5 business days. It is not fast like PayPal payments from eBay.- The last book I sold was for $75 to a customer in England. Amazon had given me a $12 or $15 shipping credit, so it sold for $90. After fees I think I got $78 in my account. It cost $32 to ship, so my true gain was $46, not bad, but that was half of what I got for it.My advice, check your books on Amazon as if you were a customer and see if they are selling for a good price and then calculate fees and shipping and see if it is worthwhile for you to sell your own. Amazon provides a lot of information on how to sell and it can get intimidating, but it is easy.It may be helpful to find a postal scale you can borrow to better calculate shipping costs.Comparisons:Amazon: no upfront selling fee,they assign shipping credit to you, longer wait to get money in checking accounteBay: fee to list item even if it does not sell, you get to assign shipping costs, can get money faster if you have PayPalI have actually sold books that were given for free to me, damaged or had pages missing, so it can be rewarding if you were going to toss or donate the books anyway.Good luck!

How do I sell back my textbooks on amazon.

I purchased my college textbooks from Amazon and am wondering now how do I sell them back to Amazon!! Thanks! ūüôā

You have to set up a trade account, not a seller account. You first clarify whats books you want to sell on the website. They email you a shipping label. You put your books in a box, stick the shipping label on, and off it goes.P.S. They buy your textbooks for cheap, and give you a amazon gift card, so they will get the money back, since you can only buy on amazon. My opinion is, that you sell your books on amazon, but it may take years before anyone buys them.

Approximately how much do colleges give you for selling your books back to them at the end of the semester.

Not nearly as much as they’re worth, assuming they take them back at all. You’re almost always better off trying to sell them to classmates directly, or through Amazon or some other website.

How to sell college books back for the most money.

I need money for next semester, just wondering how to make the most money off of my books (they are in great condition). I want to avoid using the school store because they do not give you the best deal. Thanks for your answers.

Local book stores (some will give you half the new cost for the book) are occasionally a good resource, otherwise and marketplaces are the best place to sell your books. You can normally get more than half the new value for a good condition used book, as long as it’s still cheaper than a university bookstore would sell it for. Those sites also have pricing guides and can show you what recent items sold for.

How to sell books on amazon……

i am in college and i have bunch of books that the school wouldnt buy back and there no use to me so i want to sell them and make do i sell them on Amazon?!do i need a credit card or not??!thanks :)im 20 btw

Oddly enough, I am going to do that this morning.If you go to their opening page and scroll down to the bottom, you will see “Selling on Amazon.”Click this and it will take to to the info page.You need a bank account, but Amazon handles the payment from customers.All this for a fee of course.

how to sell books on amazon.

i have a shelf stocked with books and decided that i wanted to sell them. i also have some new text books. i was wondering though what i need to do in order to sell, what should i watch out for? advantages and disadv. advise etc? plz & thnx!

There are some great websites that allow you to trade books, CD’s, DVD’s etc. See my profile for link to titletrader and paperbackswap. This allows you to get rid of an item you no longer want and get something you do want in return. Titletrader is awesome because you can trade books, dvd’s, cd’s, games and vhs tapes. So if you get rid of a book you may be able to get a dvd in exchange. Paperbackswap is only for books. Both sites are great!I have found for ebay and amazon you don’t really get your moneys worth for books. about $1 per book (paperbacks) and you have to pay seller fees too.

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