How To Apply Makeup Books

What is a good makeup book for….

learning how to do different style makeup looks, tips & tricks, to learn about makeup and stuff like that

There’s one that I can personally recommend. It’s called “Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets For Stunning Transformations” by Robert Jones. It’s good because it covers the basics of how to apply makeup and actually instructs you on how to do so. It doesn’t just give you a lot of cool pictures of people with great makeovers, it tells you how to apply the makeup yourself. If you’re interested in getting a copy Amazon has new copies for sale at $14.93:…

Where can i learn how to apply my makeup like the makeup artist that work at MAC.

Only serious responses please! If you do not know go get your two points from someone else. Thank You.

You can go to the MAC website and they have little video clips showing you how to apply some of the looks.MAC also has a book out that you can purchase from the store that shows you how to do all the different “MAC looks”.***All the different ways they do their makeup will be in the book because the employees have to wear a “MAC look” to work everyday. So all the looks you see them wearing will b e in the book.***If you really want to get the looks they have then get the book for sure. Or you can get a consultation with an employee and they can show you as well.Good luck!

Free erotic’s books pdf

Are there any airbrush makeup books.

Looking for guides and techniques for airbrush makeup. Not just how to use the device, but how to apply makeup (so like a normal how-to makeup book for air brush)

You don’t need a book. Why go through all the trouble? Just go on youtube and type in “airbrush makeup tutorials”

Q: 4 Drag queens/Trans…Are there any beauty books just for Drags or web sites, (not regular beauty books).

U know , how to apply the makeup. Not regular girly beauty books. Got that stuff.

yes….go to and order the book called the art of illusion. it is a great how-to book on TG/CD makeup. that is how i learned to do mine. the book cost me about 10 yrs ago about $15. i know its more now. or go to they have a number of books on makeup for the CD/TG community

Since I’m on makeup this am…anybody know of a really good book.

that shows how to apply makeup, get several different looks, book with color pages maybe

go to the fashion section in your local bookstore. i guarantee you, they have picture books that have every possible way to do your makeup in there!

Book on eye shapes and how to apply makeup accordingly.

Is there a book on how to apply eye makeup for different eye shapes?It should be professional and cover as many different eye shapes as possible.

the instyle beauty book is a great one. they have eye shapes as well as what to put on each shape.

Am I ready to wear makeup.

I am in the 7th grade and want to wear makeup. THE PROBLEM IS, I DONT KNOW HOW TO PUT IT ON! My mom says that I can only wear it if i figure out how to put it on. ( she doesnt want me wearing it obviously i am the only child so she treats me like a baby) suggestions?

Go to a makeup counter and just ask them to do your makeup for you. You don’t even have to buy anything. You can ask them to show you techniques on how to apply it.Or check out a makeup book from the library or buy one it’ll show you how to apply.If you have any friends or relatives who wear makeup you can ask them to show you how to put it on. There are many websites dedicated to makeup on the internet, which you already are on, so just search for those websites.Many parents are just so overprotective because they don’t want their kids growing up, it’s annoying.But even so, I am older and don’t wear makeup often. I think you are old enough if you want to wear it.For me, it was the novelty effect of makeup that appealed to me when young, because it was something new, and wanting to be like the celebrities or older girls or whatnot. I understand where you are coming from.And no not all young girls have perfect skin! Many get a few breakouts or heavy acne.

me = no idea how to apply makeup..

my skin is kind of blotchy, i have open pores and i would love to make it look like my skin is smooth. only problem is i have no idea how to apply liquid makeup or powder, im not sure how to match colors, and im 21! up until now, i never applied any makeup like that, only eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss. any…

First you need to get your skin under control about the open pores no sense putting on makeup and irratiating it or blocking up your pores plus it wont’ look nice. just think you go to all the trouble putting your makeup and yet you haven’t worked on the skin .Im not a dermatologist but you may want to visit one ask your doctor she will guide you. but on your own you need to get a product that will help close the pores up so there not so open as you have written above. I would really suggest a dermatologist she can also help with blotchy skin they will know what is causing that. So make sure you invest your time to do that no amount of makeup will hide or do miracles. Always better to start out with healthy skin on to your next question as far as makeup goes …. you mentioned liquid foundation or powder. you should know your skin type are you oily dry. normal. or a bit of all the above in different places. from there you can then decide if you want a powder or liquid. I find powder looks a bit cakey and dry on one;’s face. its hard not knowing what your skin tone is and if its dry normal etc.. so figure that out that will help you choose the right foundation for you. also then you will have to pick a nuetral colour to match your skin tone. You dont’ want a mask or a ring. try to keep it as close to your own skin colour so it looks natural. They should have samples at where ever you shop and you will want to try these on your skin to see how natural they look on you be careful of the lighting in the store as far as eye shadow. you haven’t said what colour your skin is or hair eyes etc… but normally pick 2 to 3 at the most in shadows making sure there from the same family so you can work and blend them together nicely. you have your lid your crease then the upper eye so you can play around with different colours and designs to get the effect you want.You should also check out at your library a book that has illustrations which may help you better when first starting out its called making faces they show you sketches and designs and you can try some of them. In the end you will do your own thing and find what works for you and your eye shape and colour and conture but that will come as you become more comfortable with handling the brushes and knowing what colours go where and how.Less is more for you right now until you get the hang of it. You dont’ want to be looking like a clown or putting it on sloppy. so go with lighter colours for now nothing drastic or too dark. and start off putting just a little and see how you fair.I think that is a good start for you.Hope I answered all your questions.good luckl

What is a good book that shows how to apply makeup to first time users.

What is the name and where i can find it. thanks! a link would really help!

check the links below for beauty tips to:– Makeup – how to apply. the links below for beauty tips to:– # Cosmetic tips and tricks

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