How Do You Say Comic Books In Spanish

Need opinions of this narrative for a comic book..Would you read this.

Okay so I’m designing my own comic book for this event in NY. Its due in April so i need to hurry up and write out my narrative so i can start up my dummy copy. Here’s the summary and give me an honest opinion if you would read this..The story starts in NewYork. The main character is a leaf. Once he…

comic book super heros are not working.

the super hero movies are ok but not a hitnot by a long shot heres what they need to makesuper hero vs super hero ……..thats something that needs to me made in 3 parts not just one moviethey just cant get it rightnow blade was from the tomb of dracula comic booksback in the 70s it was him and his…

Umm… didn’t like Spiderman 2 garner the most millions of dollars ever in history on it’s premiere day?There’s a reason why studios religiously make comic book movies because they know that even if the movie sucks, it will still return them a profit. It’s like with summer horror flicks (cheap to produce, they can be crappy movies with B-rated actors and will still make producers rich because people will automatically flock to them).It’s artistic and experimental cinema (stuff I’m sure you’d never see), foreign films in general (unless they win an Oscar and then they *might* appear at your local multiplex for a week), non American cartoon movies animated with cel animation no matter how good the movie is (Miyazaki films are an unfortunate flop) and heck, movies that aren’t in english don’t bring back even 10% of the revenue in comparison to a generic comic hero flick.I still frown a lot everytime they made an apparently close to reality film about the lives of famous spanish speaking people IN ENGLISH (with in the best case hispanic actors with very obvious spanish accents or in the worst case, white people who can only say 2 words in the language). I still cringe when I see Frida in english. Americans should learn how to read subtitles, it isn’t difficult.And in my opinion, The Blade series movies stunk. Some of the worst vampire movies ever made. I highly suggest you to rent an animated movie called Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Has a similar plot to Blade, but it’s actually very well done and it’s easily appealing to Americans. The soundtrack, sound editing and animation direction are excellent. I feel bad it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.I have a hunch you liked Van Helsing with Viggo Mortensen did you? *shudders* read online Free textbooks

Did you successfully learn Spanish as an adult. How.

I don’t have Spanish speaking family or friends but I do live in a city where there is a large Spanish speaking community and I often have a difficult time finding someone to interpret at my job. So I want to learn. I’ve tried in the past to take classes at a community college but twice I dropped it because…

First of all, realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. If you started taking piano or organ lessons this week, at which point would you be able to say, “I play the piano” or “I play the organ”? How long do you think it would be before you could hear a song and sit down and play what you just heard? No matter what method you chose, you’d have a rather lengthy learning curve…and it’s very much the same thing when you learn another language. It’s a fun journey, and you’ll enjoy the skills that you’ve picked up along the way—but make no mistake about it, there’s still quite a journey ahead if you want to acquire proficiency.Taking a class is the best way to get started as you’ll have material designed for beginners and (hopefully) a teacher who has learned ways to build your knowledge base and help you learn. If you’re not able to go that route, then look through books and resources available at the bookstore. Stay away from the approaches that promise super fast results with minimal effort—opt instead for lots of exercises and a good foundation in grammar and vocabulary.You learn by quizzing yourself: trying to pull up the words out of your memory–then cheking yourself, by forgetting and relearning, and by practice. You probably WON’T learn by just looking over the words or by being spoon-fed the vocabularly. ALSO (and this is very important), many things you learn won’t “stick” well until you’ve studied, slept, and reviewed it again the next day.While you’re going through your book and learning the material, you absolutely must use what you’re learning in “real-life” situations. Go to a Mexican store or restaurant and use your Spanish. Go to Spanish church services or civic events (check the paper), or use it with co-workers on the job, but use your Spanish every time you have a chance. Yes, people will laugh at your mispronunciations–don’t take it personally. You’ve got to use the language.Finally, get some magazines or newspapers, and type in a few words you’re learning into Google and pull up Spanish news sites (Yahoo Answers even has a version for Mexico and several other Spanish-speaking countries). Just try to read the headlines at first—then try some short comics or jokes–work your way up to short articles. If you read a news story in English about some international news event, you’ll already basically know what the Spanish version of it is about, so you can follow it better. A fantastic on-line dictionary source is

Spanish Question- How is “Ripley’s: Believe it or not ” said in Spanish.

Hello everyoneHow do Spanish speaker say “Ripley’s: Believe it or not”? I am not asking for a literal translation, but I want to know how Spanish speakers actually refer to it..Thanks in advance!

Literally, it would be “Créalo o no de Ripley”.However, the official translation has always been, in books and the museums as well as the newspaper comics section (when Ripley’s was included, year ago) as : “Aunque usted no lo crea, por Ripley”Which means ” Although you don’t believe it, by Ripley”

The words comics (in English), muñequitos (in Spanish), monos (also in Spanish) and monitos (still in Spanish) are in the singular or plural.

A unity of comics in English is a comic and a unity of the same comics in Spanish is a muñequito / a mono / a monito?Comic strip, comic book, comic writer, comic collection, Comic Con and webcomic don’t have the letter S in the end, but I ever heard that the name of “história em quadrinhos”…

I have a comic book, at home I have many comic books -I read the comics, the Wizard of Id is a funny comic -I like to watch comics perform but the Vegas act of my favorite comic has too many f bombs

How do you say ‘I have had them since I was a child’ in spanish.

As in, talking about my dogs.Thanks!

[Mis perros,] los tengo desde [email protected] others who answered are also technically correct, but I’ve included the link below to show you that Spanish prefers short & economical phrasing in the present tense (when it can be applied). Below are a bunch of examples of people “having them since they were a child” using the phrase I put above — ranging from swollen nipples to comic books.

How to write the word manga in spanish.

manga as in the Japanese comic book how to do write it and say it is there a way to say in the spanishcus comic is comicos

I’m Mexican so you can trust me.Manga is said exactly the same in spanish as it is in English.And no comic is not comicos, you say comic the same way you do in English and write it the same way, comicos is people that are funny. Hope this helps =D

how do you say these two words in spanish.

comic booksmy wardrobe

revistas cómicasmi armario

How do you say this in Spanish.

Me and some friends of mine are making a comic book and we need a name for a character.I thought of having the name be spanish but I don’t know any spanish.I was wondering how do you say “water bender” in Spanish?It will help alot!!Thanks!!

“Waterbender” in Spanish? I assume you’re referring to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. On the Spanish shows, they just refer to “waterbenders” as “Los Maestros Agua” (“masters of water” in English).Waterbending, however, is known as “hidroquinesis”.

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