How To Manually Add Books To Kindle

Computer usb port trouble. Please help….

My computer refuses to recognize any of my usb devices.For example, it will charge my mp3 player, but it won’t connect so that I can add new music.My mouse lights up, but is not functional. I can charge my kindle, but I can’t manually add books. (I can still add books wirelessly.)I’ve tried…

It sounds like your USB hub is not working. Try this:Right click on My Computer, and select Properties.Then click on the Hardware tab, then click on Device Manager.At the bottom of the list you will see “USB Controllers” Click on the plus sign and you will see a list of things. At the bottom are your USB hubs.Right click on each of them in turn, and choose the option “Uninstall” Do NOT cllick on Disable by mistake. Once they are uninstalled, you will need to reboot.Windows will “find” the hubs again and configure them correctly automaticially.Your mouse lights up and your Kindle charges because it is getting the five volts on the power side of the USB connection, but the IRQ interrupts have to be set according the the procedure above.Good luck

How do you get rid of loan notices on the Kindle.

I have a Kindle with 3G/Wifi and a keyboard, if this matters.I frequently borrow Kindle books from my library, and usually download them onto my Kindle using Wifi (occasionally, when the books require it, I manually add them). They expire after 21 days, and now I have dozens and dozens of [Loan ended] notices…

I think you mean that you have dozens of expired books crowding your Kindle.To Delete, highlight the book (or notice) and then push the right arrow key. You should see a menu pop up. Choose Remove from Device or Delete from Device or whatever it’s called.

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Do you know a software for Mac or windows which makes managing Kindle easy.

I absolutely adore my Kindle. However I find it quite difficult to manage. Having many books onto it not putting them into collections is close to impossible. However it is such a tedious job to put each and every book into its collection. There must be an easier way. Do you know of any?

Calibre. It’s free, runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and is a great tool for anything involving ebooks. It can be slightly buggy at times, but the creator is constantly patching it and releasing upgrades. It has various plug-ins including one for managing Kindle collections. You can have it manage collections automatically I tried that and found it didn’t work for me – 1200 or so books got sorted into around 5000 collections, which I believe are based upon tags. But that could just be the nature of my ebook collection. You can also manually manage it, which is a lot easier. Calibre also has tons of features like an ebook reader, conversion options, the ability to download and edit cover art, add tages, and quite a bit more. It’s a great little app.Calibre – page on how to use the plug-in to manage Kindle collections –…Calibre user manual –

Transferring ebook files on to android phone.

I have ebook files on my computer and I’d like to put them on my HTC Inspire. I can download serveral different ebook apps such as Kindle, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. Any help would be appreciated.

Apparently there’s an app called Aldiko that will do this for you.Here’s a discussion of how to do that:…And if you want free e-books, check out this meta-search engine:Aunt Lee’s Obsessive Meta Search Engine for Free Books –

If I use Kindle in a country where it has no support, how do I get the ebooks that I want to read.

Can I get my friend buy ebooks for me in Australia and send me on email, and I install them on my kindle, will it work?

You have no support meaning you have no access to the 3G network and, therefore, cannot order books right from your Kindle, you have no WiFi access or you can’t even get online to download from Amazon?If you are able to get online yourself, you don’t need your friend to send you something, even if you cannot purchase the book(s) right from the Kindle. The worst case scenario in this case would be you’d have to connect the Kindle via USB cable to your computer and manually download the book into your Kindle documents folder. (You order the book on Amazon, either a free book or one for which you must pay and save it to your computer by changing the “Deliver to:” section under the “Buy now” button to “Transfer via Computer.” This, then, will save your selection to your computer. You then have to attach the Kindle to the computer and add the book to the Kindle.)If you have no access at all and can’t get on Amazon but have e-mail, your friend may be able to send you some of the free books from Amazon by e-mail. The only way to send copyrighted material, or books which have been purchased, would be if your friend buys a book which states it can be loaned out (you get two weeks) or, possibly, if your friend can access your Amazon account and can order the book using your credit card and then downloads it to his computer and then sends the copy to you via e-mail. This last is a long-shot, though, as I couldn’t access books I’d purchased and downloaded directly to my Kindle, those which I had then copied to my computer from my Kindle and then tried to download to a new Kindle.Another thing your friend could try would be to download public domain books (free books) from one of the sites that legally carry them like Many Books or Gutenberg. and Then your friend could attach the book downloaded to his or her computer to an e-mail and send it to you. From there you should be able to download the book to your computer, attach your Kindle to the computer and add the book into your Kindle.I don’t know how understandable this answer will be. Hopefully it will help. If not, maybe you should read through the information on Amazon… or even use the “Contact Us” button on Amazon and ask specific questions.

How do you pay when you buy kindle 2 books.

Do you use a credit card, or can you use an amazon gift card, or what? I’ve been considering buying a kindle, but I want to know how to pay for the books first.

I simply use credit card. But yes, you can use amazon gift card, but you have to manually add your gift card into your account first before buying the books. Below is the instruction: may read some review on Kindle to make up your decision. I read this review then decided to have my order. I own Kindle 2 and it really brings me lots of convenience and increase my efficiency.

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