How To Add Books To Kindle Paperwhite

What is the difference between the kindle With ads and without adds. And how does the kindl3G do in low light.

I’m talking about the kindle keyboard 3G out of all of this. What I mean about the ads part is where does the adds go on to the kindle. I watched videos and I have seen the ads just on the lock screen. Is that just it where the ads screen when the kindle turned off. If there’s more places please tell me….

The ads only appear in the lock screen and on a banner at the bottom of the kindle store, but thats it. I don’t mind the ads because often they are book related and are for things I might actually be interested in. If you buy a kindle with ads, you still have the option to have the ads removed at a later date on your kindle at anytime, but you have to pay the difference ($20 I believe) between the w/ ads and w/o ads. They’re not like annoying iphone or android app ads that pop up in the middle of reading or anything.As for low light, the all the e-reader kindles (the non-fire line) except the paperwhite(which includes a built in light), are identical in performance in low light to a regular book. That is because they have no backlight, which is an advantage in bright light, in which thing like smartphones and lcd screens are hard to read, the kindle is just like reading a book, and looks just like print on a page. If you plan on using it in low light alot you can get a book light, some of which are made specifically for the kindle. The paperwhite has a built in “book light” so to speak. Even in low light, the kindle is easier on your eyes then things with lcd screens like tablets, phones, and computers, because it doesn’t cause eye strain like lcds do.

How does it work when I change my credit card on my amazon kindle.

On my birthday I’m planning on purchasing an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and buying a prepaid Visa gift card and adding it to the amazon account instead of having to add my mother’s credit on there. But how would it work when the card expires and I have to add another? I know how to edit the credit info so I…

Your Kindle just logs into your Amazon account to buy books. It will use whatever credit card is currently the default in your Amazon account. The credit card info is is not stored on the Kindle.

Free vampire books


How are Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite different.

I’m thinking of buying one for a Christmas present to my parents..but I don’t know which one to get..I mean why Kindle PaperWhite is more expensive than Kindle? If it is worth for the price, I’d like to get Kindle PaperWhite..but I don’t really understand the difference.

Kindle (the lower cost one) has no built-in lighting. The screen eInk background is the natural medium gray of eInk. So you are looking at near-black letters on medium gray “paper” unless you have very good lamps. Like with a book, the more lamp light or sun light shines on the eInk screen, the lighter the background becomes. But unless you have strong reading light or sun light, it will not be as light as a paperback page. You cannot read in poor lighting, dim or dark without a separate book light. I owned 2 unlit Kindles before my Paperwhite and I always wished for more contrast. And I bought one for my father in law but he needed more contrast too. Amazon’s pictures of unlit eInk screen show then in strong lighting from lamp or sun.The Paperwhite adds built-in adjustable frontlighting. The frontlighting is dispersed in a layer between the eInk screen and the touch surface. This frontlighting combines with room, lamp or sun light to give you the contrast you desire. I prefer a page about as light as a paperback page so I turn the lighting up about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way. When I want to read in a car at night (as passenger) I turn it up a bit higher than 1/2. I love my Paperwhite. I also bought a used one for my father-in-law and now he is reading a LOT and his eyesight is very bad from diabetes. He sets the lighting higher for stringer contrast.I highly recommend the Paperwhite, especially for older eyes. And make sure your parents have Wifi in their house so the Kindles can be registered and can download the Amazon ebooks they purchase. If yoru parents only have wired internet, you will also need to get them a WIfi router (from their internet provider or you can buy one in a store and set it up). If there is No Way for them to have Wifi them I recommend getting them the expensive Paperwhite 3G which does not need Wifi to register, buy or download ebooks. (however the built in simple browser always needs WIfi)


I’ve bought a kindle – how can I get cheaper books.

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite to go on holiday, after not liking the idea for a while, I came around to its convenience and clutter-free positives. However, all the books I want to buy, Hunger Games etc are all the same price as paperbacks – is this to be expected and are there any ways to get them cheaper etc? I…

As a Kindle owner, you have to be open-minded, and not necessarily set on reading the best-sellers.There are many many hundreds of free, or cheap, ebooks for your Kindle. What is your favorite genre? I’m going to assume you like Young Adult novels (ie. Hunger Games).Go to this link. I have it set to “teens.” You can change the genre, or add more options. Every book on this list is free.…Also, you can simply go to and type in “free young adult kindle books,” or “free vampire kindle books,” etc.My personal favorite genre is horror/terror, mystery, and fantasy (depends on my mood).Here are some really good series:The Donovan Creed Series, by John Locke:Donovan Creed is a former CIA assasin, currently working as a hit man for hire. Even though he is killing people, he is a very likeable character because the people he kills mostly deserve it. Mostly. You’ll see.(most, if not all, of these are $2.99 each)~ Lethal People~ Lethal experiment~ Saving Rachel~ Now and Then~ Wish List~ A Girl Like You~ Vegas Moon~ The Love You Crave~ Maybe~ Callie’s Last Dance~ Because We CanIf you like a little horror/terror, you’ll like this Andrew Z. Thomas series by Blake Crouch (frankly, anything by Blake Crouch is really good):($2.99 or $3.99 each)~ Desert Places~ Locked Doors~ Break You

Is it better to buy a kindle or keep buying books.

So, I don’t know if it’s better to buy a kindle or keep buying books. Which do you think is better? Thanks

My husband and I switched to ebooks. We are heavy readers and although some books are read more than once, most of our reading is books that are read once. It doesn’t make sense to kill trees and spend energy turning that into paper, printing a book, transporting it, storing it, then buying that book to read it once. And our house was overflowing with physical books. There are rooms where a whole wall is books stacked two deep. Books on tables, books on floors, books everywhere.We both switched to ereaders and we are working on donating many of our physical books to the library for their book sales.I actually prefer reading on the ereader. The page is flat (not curved while you have to hold the book open just enough to read but not so much you break it’s spine). The text is the size I want (since I buy ebooks from AMazon, most are in non-PDF-like formats that can reflow the lines to fit whatever font I choose). If I am not sure about a definition, I can just hold my finger on the word.I do recommend you spend the extra amount to get an ereader with built-in adjustable frontlighting. The lowest cost models of Kindle, Nook and Kobo are unlit. The only lighting is your house lamps and sunlight. Since the natural eInk color is medium grayish and only light makes it lighter, that means the “paper” may be darker than you would like with not a lot of contrast unless you have strong lamps or sunlight. Adjustable frontlighting will work in combinationed with your available light (lamps or sunlight) and let you lighten the background “paper” a little or a lot – whatever you want. It will also let you read in dim light and in the dark (like when riding in a car at night, etc). I recommend Kindle Paperwhite, the most popular frontlit ereader in the US from the most popular ereader company in the US. I love mine.What you give up with ereading is you can’t sell your ebooks, give them away, or leave them in your will. What your are paying for is more like a lifetime lease of the ebook.What you don’t have to give up are physical books. Just owning an ereader does not mean you can never buy a physical book. But if you are like me, you won’t really want the clumsiness of reading a physical book after using a good ereader like Kindle Paperwhite. Still, sometimes I buy a physical book, mainly if it is a book I want to pass around the family or if the book has special printing or binding that adds to the experience. But for plain fiction reading and getting the words from the page to your eyes and brain, I think a good ereader accomplishes this with less distraction.NOTE – You will want to have a Wifi network in your home so your ebook purchases can be delivered wirelessly to your ereader. If there is not way for you to have Wifi in your home then I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite 3G – it can’t browse over free 3G but it can register, buy and download Amazon ebooks over free 3G.I usually use my PC to do my ebook shopping and designate my Paperwhite as the destination . I also rename my current Kindle as the lowest alphabetical name (I named it Alice) so it is the top/default choice when I buy ebooks. Relatives use my older Kindles to read my ebooks.And regarding one of the other answers. Buying books is not more convenient. How is it more convenient to get dressed, get in the car, drive to a book store, park, walk around, find and buy a book, and drive home? If I want a book, I just go to, buy the ebook, and it’s wirelessly delivered to my ereader in less time than it would take me to get dressed.

Question about kindle paperwhite.

If anyone here has a kindle paperwhite I was wondering how well it works if you’re actually holding your thumb on the screen while reading, like if you’re laying down. Because that’s how I read books frequently and I know I’m going to have my hands on screen as I’m reading, and I wanted to make…

The screen doesn’t reach the edges. There is a border of plastic around the screen where you can hold the device. Just touch the screen to turn the page (or to do other things – tap at top of screen for settings to do things like change font size/type or lighting, hold your finger on a word to look up word, hold your finger on a book title in library list to add it to a category, etc)You can’t hold your thumb on the reading surface – it would be turning pages when you don’t want it to.Once Best Buy has the new model Paperwhite in stock, go see one and try holding it. Unfortunately it will be a demo model and probably ignoring screen touches, but you can see if your hold will work on the plastic edge.

Removing document from Kindle Paperwhite.

How to remove a word document from kindle paperwhite? There is a function add/remove from kindle, but it only adds documents to folders. And if I use usb, connect it to my laptop and delete the file there, it still is on kindle. I am completely lost :/ Maybe anyone knows what can be done?

1. Press and hold the file, select delete from the device.2. Go to amazon site, then select “Manage Your Kindle” to delete it permanently.More details:…

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