Audible How Many Books

How many Chuck palahniuk audio books are read by the author.

just go to audible and look.

How does Audible work.

I just downloaded Audible on my iphone but I have no idea how it works. I had an audiobook from itunes and from some reason I can access it from there?I need to download a book but I can’t find where to search for it. When I click on ‘more books’ it says:More BooksAudible is home to a vast catalog….

Audible has several membership programs, but you don’t have to be a member to buy from them. With a membership, you pay either a certain amount per month or per year. Prices vary depending upon the plan. In exchange, you get credits. Most audiobooks cost one credit. This can be a substantial savings. The cheapest plan is something like $15 per month, which gets you one credit per month. That means you can buy a $30 audiobook for $15. Membership also gives you a 30% discount on all titles, plus access to sales. For example, they often have sales where you can buy two books for one credit or three books for two credits. This lowers the average cost per book. They have info on their plans at…Also, Audible is part of Amazon. If you have an Amazon account, you can use that to sign in to They offer a lot of books that they call Whispersync Ready for Voice. Basically, if you buy the Kindle version, you can get the audiobook version at a discount. I’ve purchased Kindle books on sale for under $5 and the matching audiobook for under $5 as well.

I’m reading the Book of Judges right now. And in it, many times, it has a person talking to God and God replying. My question is, how did.

they hear God? Was He present like when He was with Moses? Or was a voice from above? Or in dreams?

We just don’t know. God could have spoken in an audible voice (such as when you speak to someone face to face or on the phone or via “Skype” or something like that. Otherwise, God spoke to the person’ spirit or soul, kind of like when you remember the words of something or someone you heard before. They aren’t speaking now, but you still hear the voice.The thing to remember is that there was very little Scripture in those days, and very little respect for God or the Law of Moses at times. There were few if any prophets or seers to bring God’s message to the people. God didn’t seem to speak very much or very often unless there was a need. So if anyone actually heard the Voice of God in those days (and I’m leaning towards that position) were blessed beyond measure.Today we have the entire, complete, Bible, the Word of God. We also have the Holy Spirit living inside us, speaking to our souls/spirits what the Father wants us to hear and understand. Believe me, those of us who have been Christians any length of time will tell you, we know the voice of our Father and we know when someone else is trying to imitate or emulate Him!

Anyone used to download audio books.

Has anyone used to download audio books before. I am hesitant to join without seeing how many authors/type of books they have and without seeing what they charge for each dowload.

I use to. They have a good selection. I only paid a monthly fee (I think 12.95 a month) I didn’t pay anything per download.

can you return audible books at

I just bought an audible book from through amazon and i want to return. is that even possible?

Usually the answer is no…the reason is copyright laws. If you have downloaded anything from Amazon or Audible you, in theory, can copy it to your computer and then return it, get your money back, and have a copy of it for free. Many, many people do it and that’s why stores are really hesitant to return open cd’s, software and/or games. That said, if you explain to them that you’ve made a mistake and bought the wrong thing often times they will give you your money back, especially Amazon…but beware they can track how many things you’ve bought and tried to return…every business keeps track of your credit card info and know if they have reimbursed you or not.I work at a Barnes & Noble in the music dept. I had this man who kept coming in and returning open cd’s. Over and over…I called him out and said we couldn’t return open cd’s anymore and he started coming in and watching to see who was working. If it was someone he didn’t know…he’d return something and we’d be nice and give him his money back. I realized this and took his photo off the security cameras and told everyone working who he was and what he was doing. Sure enough, he came in, with 4 open cd’s, I saw him and told him no….he freaked out and the police were called. When the cops showed up they said, “We know all about him from other stores (Walmart and Best Buy)…he buys music, rips it on his computer…then sells mp3’s to other people…while returning the cd for refunds.”If they tell you no, on your refund, this man is the reason why.

what are audible books like.

I’ve been searching the website for information about it and i still don’t quite get it, so you pay for a membership for a month/year and get your free book(s) but is that it for the month and you have to pay full price for the rest of the books or do you get the membership discount…

Hey, my mum is legally blind so she gets audio books. my mum doesn’t pay anything because she gets thtem from the library, I live in Australia, and i obviously don’t know where you are, so i can’t give you a good enough answer. Talk to you local or trusted librarian aout audio books. In Australia, they are quite expensive, around $40 – $100.sorry, babbling on…to answer your actual question, I have no idea sorryhope this at least helped :))

How many hours of Audio files (books from will a 40 GB MP3 Player hold. What MP3 is recommended.

My fantasy is to have a walking library on an MP3 player.

Theoretically around 67 hours.i would go for the ipod, simply because it’s the standard in portable players and many companies cater especially to them. Especially places like, which has a large library of audiobooks accessible from itunes.Also the iPod has nifty audiobook specific features such as bookmarking.

I have an oral book report…how many words approx are in a 5 min presentation.

i don’t know how many words but is about 1 and a half page,and remember to speak slow and clear so you will gain time and your presentation will be clearly audible and also remember to change the tone of your voice and move forwards and backwards and your presentation won’t be boring .good luck!!

How is audible able to sell audio books legally.

audible has many different books on audio- how do they do that legally?

The purchase the audio rights from the author through the author’s agent and publisher. They have to pay up front (either advance against future royalties or fees to buy those rights), plus the author is paid royalties.The reader is also paid. If it’s the author, they might pay some additional sum as recording fee, or pay a higher royalty rate. If someone other than the author reads the work for recording, they either pay royalties on each copy sold or pay fees outright.

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