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How are comics a value to society.

comic strips more than comic books, but in general works to, please give more than 1 example

Honestly, I think the best things comics give is inspiration. Somebody reads a comic and is inspired to make something even greater, am I right? That’s my experience with comics. I’ve always loved reading the little comics in newspapers and I have always loved comic books. I’ve dedicated my life to making comics, and it’s what I love to do all because I used to love these comics I read. What would I do without comics? Honestly, I don’t see anything I’d like to do OTHER than make comics. Nothing in the world excites me other than comics, cartoons and movies. So, if there weren’t comics, I’d have no future, right?Also, seeing bad things happen to fake people, or seeing an extremely muscular guy throw villains around the city makes people happy. They know their lives aren’t really that interesting (sad, but true), so they turn to comics, movies, book, or anything that makes normal life look interesting, funny or intense.

How can appraise the value of a comic book.

Can anyone suggest any good website where I could search the value of certain Dc comic books? I’m planning on selling around 50 DC old comic books, Any good website in where I could sell them? will give you an inflated idea of what your comics are worth. In cases where they list comics as being worth $2-5, they really only sell for less than a dollar in most cases.You should browse ebay, and try to locate the exact comics for sale. Log in if you have an account, do an advanced search, and look for COMPLETED auctions. The ones in green are the ones which actually sold. This will allow you to see what people ACTUALLY paid for the same comics, as opposed to theoretical values from a price guide.Just as a general rule of thumb, if the comics are from after 1975, you probably will not be seeing much money for them, likely less than a dollar apiece for most books. If they’re from before that date, do more research into what exactly you have and what condition they’re in, and what’s the best route to sell them.

Free street urban books

How much does cgc grading add to the value of a comic book.

I have a ton of comics I’m selling and I was researching their value. I see cgc-graded ones can be very expensive depending on grade. How much should I mark them down since I do not have cgc grade? For example, TRANSFORMERS – GENERATION 1 #1 MEGATRON Cover cgc 10.0 is valued at $749.99 on ebay buy it now. I…

That is tough to say. The reason CGC comics are more expensive is you have had a third party that has no connection to you look at the comic. You might see a comic as very fine where i might look at it as just good. CGC is a third party with no vested interest in the deal. That makes it easier for me as a buyer to believe what you are telling me as far as grade. If you do not know if it is a ten dont claim that it is. Take it to a local comic shop they might be able to give you a good idea of what grade it should be.

does anyone know about comic book values.

What do you need to know? I am assuming you need to know how to determine value, so I will provide some basic guidelines to help.First, just because a comic book is a little bit old DOES NOT mean it is worth money.That out of the way, here’s how to start.A comic book is based on condition, content, and rarity.The condition is graded as:Mint. The best condition possible, as if it were just picked up from the publisher off the printer. (Rare to be in Mint)Near Mint. Similar to above, but with a tiny defect such as a crease mark on the spine of the comic book.Very Fine. Most newer comics and those from the late 70’s through today are in this condition. Very Fine is defined as having slight defects, such as creases, a slight spine roll, or even a small mark or yellow inside pages.The following grades are Fine, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.Each has specific factors, and I think it would be best for you to look these up in a book called Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide for info. It has this info. Many books are in Fine, Very Good and Good condition, as plenty of wear and tear has been inflicted on the books. They have simply been read a lot. They are also worth less, but still worth some money.Look for story content or issue importance. A Wolverine #1 will be worth more than say a Dazzler #1. Wolverine is far more popular, and even if Daller #1 were in better condition, Wolverine would STILL be worth more. Stories such as Death of Superman, first appearance of the Punisher, etc., are worthy comics to have and look for. You need to do a little research, but you can find some comics that are worth quite a bit, such as the first appearance of Wolverine as he battles the Hulk (cool). First appearances of characters, deaths, important battles are all things to look for.There are more tips, but I hope this helps a little. Get a copy of Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide for even better info and SPECIFIC prices on comics!

comic books and values.

I have old comic books from the 1938- to 1940 where can i find their value or information. How do i know it there original. They say the years on first page. They look pretty old and little fragile

Hello ,The price of your comic books is reliant upon both condition and the issue .You can type in your book and see what they are being sold for ;^,,^=

how to sell comic books .

ebay or your comic shop maybe. Or you could see if an antiques dealer wants to buy your books. Buy a price guide, but plan on getting 1/2 of the value of what the price guide says, if you are lucky and all your books are in near mint condition. Your books probably aren’t in near mint, so you will probably get less. Most dealers at comic or antique shops probably won’t be intrested in buying much of anything from the 80s or after, it all depends on what you have. If you haven’t done so already get bags and boards for all your books. As far as ebay goes, price is whatever the buyer is willing to pay. Set the reserve for the absolute minimum you want. Do not try to sell your books without pricing them from a guide first. If you have some hot books you might do better than 1/2 of what the guide says.What guide to buy?I’d buy bothThe Overstreet Guide to comics ($20-$30)Wizard The guide to comics (the latest issue about $5)

Comic books.

I have a great deal of comic books still in plastic and would like to know who would be intrested in them?

Before you try to sell them,get an Overstreets Comic Book Price Guild.It will not only tell you how to grade a comic but will give you the current market for different grades.I would not expect much unless the comics are pre-1970s editions.After you have graded them ,you then know what a fair price would be on e-bay.If you sell them to a comic book dealer expect an offer from 20% to 60% of book value , depending on condition and demand.Selling them through e-bay may take longer and you have to deal with shipping charges but you can get more of book value.If I were you I would grade and price my books then offer for sale in a newspaper before I tried e-bay or comic book dealer.That way you may sell them all at once.DO NOT let somebody cherry-pick your collection.

I need help figuring out how to grade the value of my comic books.

I have a few old comic books I would like to have professionally graded and preserved. They’re not worth a fortune, I have one (Dell’s The Sharkfighters from the 1950’s in very good condition)that may be 100 something dollars at the most, but Im confused about my options the the grading companies offer….…if you want to have a go at grading it yourself try the site listed above, though you wouldn’t be able to sell it for the pro graded price.look at the price difference between what it’s worth normally and what it’s worth graded, if the difference is than what you would pay to have it graded, dont bother

how do we find the value of comic books.

dc marvel

The advise others gave you about Overstreet is pretty good, but to get an accurate price you need to know how to grade comics.There is an article at the beginning of Overstreet that instructs you how to grade.However, remember that any price guide is just that, a guide. Comic book values like the value of any collectible is subjective. A collectible is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Even if Overstreet says a book is worth $100 you may not be able to sell it for $100. Comic book shops usually will only pay 25% of guide value, and only for books they can quickly resell. Any other books they will only buy for the smallest fraction of the guide value. Comics sold on eBay usually sell for much less than guide value, unless they are very hot, or very collectible.

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