How To Sell Comic Books On Ebay

Trying to sell comic books.

I recently inherited over 3,200 comic books of various titles. I have no room for them and I am planning on selling them. I have looked up all there values, if theyre not certified, and have an idea how much theyre worth. I also want to sell them all at once if its possible. They are all in near mint condition…

If you have already looked up their values and taken inventory of them, you have already done most of the hard work. If you sell them as a lot on eBay, it shouldn’t take too much time, but you are right in that you will get much less for them. Craigslist is probably not the best way to go, especially if some of the comics are actually valuable. People on Craigslist are looking for comics for very cheap. A comic book store is going to probably be the most profitible way to go, unless you can find a direct buyer, as they will give you closest to a fair deal on them. But you are right, it will be somewhat complicated. If they are helpful, you should be able to give them an inventory list and have them make you an estimate and come back later to decide if you want to do that. Conventions are also an option as there will be numerous stores/buyers from around your area all in one place. This will mean however likely hauling all the comics there and having several people look through them. Also, convention season is quickly coming to a close. I would make one good posting with your asking price and list of comics so that you can quickly hand it out to shops or post on sites. There are some websites that buy comics, such as But I have never tried these and can’t personally recommend them.Also, you will probably get more respones if you post in the comics and animation catagory under Entertainment.

How to ship comic books.

My relatives in the US are shipping 52 comic books to me (I live in Scandinavia). I’m wondering how I should tell them to ship the package. What size box and how they should be protected? These are the box sizes to choose from.

My best advice would be for them to go to the comic book store they bought them at and ask for advice there. Most comic book stores sell stuff on eBay and are use to shipping.If there isn’t a nearby comic book store, I would bag them 10 or 20 at a time in a golden-age comic book bag. They could then bind them all together with tape or bubble wrap them. Then find which box they fit in. Use crumpled news paper to fill the rest of the box. No golden-age comic book bags, use a gallon size Ziploc bag and tape the bag up so the comics cannot move freely in the bag.

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How much does it cost to ship a comic book.

Im selling a comic book on Ebay and need to set a shipping price, but I’am not sure how much it would cost just to ship 1 comic book?

I hate this part of selling on Ebay.Set the price at $3.00 media Mail.Wrap it up, plastic bag then into an envelope and take it to the post office tomorrow.Ask them the weight. Ask them the price for first class and for media mail.Now you can log back into your account and edit the shipping method. Enter the shipping weight. You can let the buyer chose the method. If you want, you can add 50 cents (or a dollar) for the cost of the envelope, or your handling time, but you should write in your listing that shipping include a handling charge.

How to sell stuff on Ebay.

Do they charge, and how much?How do I get my money?Yes I’m a total dummy 🙁


I have a collection of comic books im selling on ebay how do i package them.

what do i use and where can i get themalso how much does it cost to ship 1 comic book and lots of like 5-10

Are they rare comic books? Or just regular comic books? You can package them on top of each other, and put some printer paper on the top and bottom of them and wrap them up in the printer paper. Put them in a bubble envelope and ship them out.Weigh them, how much does one comic book weigh? Then multiply that by how many you have. Shouldn’t be much. Good luck.You can get printer paper from anywhere, and usually grocery stores or wal-mart have the bubble envelope cheaper than the post office.

How should I sell my old comic books.

I have 4 large boxes of comic books from the 1990s that I want to sell. How can I get the most value out of them? Should I sell them on eBay, to a comic store, or post an ad online or in the paper? Should I sell them individually, or in groups? Are the values listed in those comic book value guides accurate?

Ebay if you only have a fewIf you have hundreds you should set up at comic book Show.You can get the times and addresses off the inter netMy guess is that you probably have between $200.00 and $400 worth of comics (250 to a box) unless there are some special editions.Sold in bulk you can get between .20 to.30 cents each. The smaller the lots you sell the more you can get out of each. Individually some of them could bring more than the list price.Without knowing what books you have, and their condition all of the above is only random thinking or BS

How to sell your Comic Books.

Alright I have exactly 50 comic books 45 of them are comics of Spider-Man mostly 1 Batman and the other 4 are those big comic books that are worth about $24.99…A lot of the comics are really old…Now I really want to sell them….Where do I go and how do I do it? I forgot howmuch I bought them for but I want…

It depends what kind of comics they are. If the comics are from the 1980s through today, they’re not going to be super valuable. The highly valuable comics are from the 1960s and earlier. For the 1990s, you’d have to sort through all of the books to MAYBE find a hand full that would go for over $10 apiece, and that’s only if they’re in just about perfect condition. The most valuable books for this time period were those that were independently produced. Mainstream books like X-Factor, New Mutants, Spider-Man, Superman, etc..from the 1980s-today are extremely common and easy to come by, and therefore, not usually rare or desirable. Back in the 60s and before, kids treated their comics like crap and would throw them out since they didn’t think they would be worth something someday. That’s why older comics are rare and more valuable in better condition.If you want to price the books, pick up a copy of Wizard or use but you should know how the price guide works first. The prices listed for any given issue are the highest prices a retailer would reasonably be expected to ask for the issues in near perfect shape. That’s for retailers. Retailers can put a $4 price tag on a comic and wait 10 years for someone to walk in and buy it at that price. If you want it sold NOW, instead of in ten years, you usually have to settle for 50 cents a piece or less for most books from the 80s and 90s. Comics listed at $7 and above you’re more likely to see more money for. Check eBay to see what people ACTUALLY pay for the books you have. You may find most of them in “lots” or collections, not for sale individually.There are two quick and easy basic options for someone like yourself: Check your local phone book for your nearest comic store, give em a call and ask them if they’re buying. They’ll look through them, tell you if they’re interested, and make you an offer. This is quick, easy, and you’ll get paid fast. Your other option is to take some pictures and list them on ebay. You’ll get a little more money but you’ll have to do more work. One other option is Craigslist, which will allow you to offer your comics for sale to people in your area, and you can meet and exchanged the comics and money in person. This would also be quick, if you need the money fast.edit: I assume by “big books that are worth $25 apiece”, you’re talking about trade paperbacks. Those aren’t collectible, so you won’t get anywhere near that much for them. That’s like buying a book at Borders, then selling it to a used book store. They’re only going to give you a small percentage of the cover price, because they have to resell it and make a profit so they can stay in business.

how to sell comic books .

ebay or your comic shop maybe. Or you could see if an antiques dealer wants to buy your books. Buy a price guide, but plan on getting 1/2 of the value of what the price guide says, if you are lucky and all your books are in near mint condition. Your books probably aren’t in near mint, so you will probably get less. Most dealers at comic or antique shops probably won’t be intrested in buying much of anything from the 80s or after, it all depends on what you have. If you haven’t done so already get bags and boards for all your books. As far as ebay goes, price is whatever the buyer is willing to pay. Set the reserve for the absolute minimum you want. Do not try to sell your books without pricing them from a guide first. If you have some hot books you might do better than 1/2 of what the guide says.What guide to buy?I’d buy bothThe Overstreet Guide to comics ($20-$30)Wizard The guide to comics (the latest issue about $5)

Selling comic books on eBay….

How much would it cost to ship 25-30 books, bagged and boarded, anywhere in the US?I don’t have a box nor bubblewrap or anything…I’m thinking of doing some eBay selling, and want to get rid of some junk.Thinking of doing lots of anywhere from 15-30 per lot.Probably through UPS…Thanks in…

Find a scale and weigh them.Then go on post office site, and check media mail or parcel post for the cheapest shipping costs.You must know how much it will weigh or you will screw yourself.Another way is to box it and take it post office and they will tell you how much it will cost for the farthest point away from you.

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