How Can I Download Books To My Ipad

How do I download books from my computer onto my iPad.

I have about 50 books that I downloaded onto my eReader from my computer, and I need to know how to download all these books on my new iPad?

If you have the books, or can get the books in iTunes, then just drag them into the iPad. If not… you should get professional help.I suggest contacting customer service on the eReader or setting up an appointment at the Apple Store… bring your computer, eReader, and iPad; they are extremely helpful.

How can I get full length books on my iPad.

I want to read novels on it but I’m not sure how to get them on.

Well your ipad should already have ibooks installed on it, so you can read novels on there.You can also download other reading apps such as Kindle or Kobo ereader.Another option if you have a library card is to download an app called Overdrive Media Console in which you can download digital copies of library books and read them from your iPad.

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How do I get my books from my iPhone to my ipad.

Okay I downloaded some book that I did NOT purchase on iBooks on my iPhone how do I transfer them to my ipad?

you can transfer your books to pc from iPhone, then transfer them to ipad.I always do this way.but it is a little can try iPad PDF Transfer software to transfer your books.

How can I transfer purchased Kindle books from my Mac to my IPad 2 Kindle.

I bought an Ipad and like reading books there better than on my Mac, how can i have my books on my Ipad Kidndle without having to buy them all again?

If you purchased them from Amazon then you can download them straight to the Kindle app. Make sure you’re connected to a wireless network, start the Kindle app and there should be a link for archived items. Select that and then click on each book you want to download.

How can I download music/books/videos on my iPad for free without getting an apple ID account.

I want to know how I can download stuff of my iPad for free without getting an ID for iTunes I don’t want anything to do with iTunes and I don’t want to use a credit card.

Only by using your computer. There’s lots of free stuff in iTunes and the App Store though (mostly books and apps though, most songs are never free), but you will need the Apple ID for that.

How can I download purchases from my Iphone to my Ipad.

I just got an Ipad 2 and I wanted to download all the music I purchased on my Iphone 4 ( which doesnt have an icloud because its a very old version ). I tried going on my ipad and signed in on itunes but I cant re download stuff on my Ipad instead of [ Buy ] there is a grey button [ Purchased ]Also Is it…

Ok log on ur ITunes account then go to purchases then I belive it should have 2 selection either iPad or not on this devise select not on devise then It should work

How do I put my downloaded kindle books (from Frostwire) to my iPad.

I have downloaded items from frostwire that are in my kindle for pc. But I can’t seem to put the downloaded items in my iPad. I can only put the ones that are not downloaded. If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Buy them from the Kindle store. Frostwire is no place to legitimately be getting things.

Can I download books for free on my iPad. If yes, then how.

Even if I have to pay, what is the procedure? Pls tell me in detail.

ill tell you how.. Go to google and download Vuze put it on your computer when done with that go back to google and type ebooks and add torrent at the end of ebooks find click on the links below google tap and pick a link that sounds good to you.If you like what it is click download torrent thin vuze we pop up and start to download wait till that download is done it well say compete in the mean time go download Winrar put it on your computer.Now go to your library on vuze check and see if its done if not wait… when done click on library again right click it find open file Done there your FREE ebooks

help downloading adobe EPUB book to my ipad.

I use a website through my library to rent book for the kindle (overdrive)well i downloaded a book that only has adobe EPUB ebook… so i got the software i needed, so i can read it on my computerhow can i get my adobe EPUB on to my ipad?

ipad has a e-book reader in default..and if that doesn’t sort out your problem, try searching for Moon+ Reader in AppStore. This one is User Friendly and was polled as Best Software for the year.

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